2016 $20 Batman v Superman Silver Coin for $20


The Royal Canadian Mint is accepting orders for the 2016 $20 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice™ Silver Coin, the latest issue from its popular series of 99.99% pure silver coins that sell at their legal tender face values.

Canadian 2016 $20 Batman v Superman - Dawn of Justice Silver Coin
Canadian 2016 $20 Batman v Superman – Dawn of Justice Silver Coin

Officially license and approved by DC COMICS™, the .9999 fine silver coin features a fight scene based on the upcoming movie: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

This coin marks the 20th issue from the product series that debuted in 2011.

Silver Coins in $20 for $20 Series Mintage Sales Release
2011 $20 for $20 Maple Leaf Silver Coin 200,000 Sold Out Feb 2011
2011 $20 for $20 Canoe Silver Coin 250,000 Oct 2011
2012 $20 for $20 Polar Bear Silver Coin 250,000 Feb 2012
2012 $20 for $20 Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Coin 250,000 May 2012
2012 $20 for $20 Farewell to the Penny Silver Coin 250,000 Aug2012
2012 $20 for $20 Magical Reindeer Silver Coin 250,000 Sept 2012
2013 $20 for $20 Hockey Silver Coin 250,000 Jan 2013
2013 $20 for $20 Wolf Silver Coin 250,000 March 2013
2013 $20 for $20 Silver Iceberg Silver Coin 225,000 July 2013
2013 $20 for $20 Santa Silver Coin 225,000 Oct2013
2014 $20 for $20 Canadian Goose Silver Coin 225,000 Jan2014
2014 $20 for $20 Bobcat Silver Coin 225,000 Feb2014
2014 $20 for $20 Summertime Silver Coin 200,000 May 2014
2014 $20 for $20 Snowman Silver Coin 200,000 Oct 2014
2015 $20 for $20 FIFA Women’s World Cup Silver Coin 200,000 84% March 2015
2015 $20 for $20 Bugs Bunny Silver Coin 350,000 78% May 2015
2015 $20 for $20 Superman Silver Coin 350,000 Unknown Aug 2015
2015 $20 for $20 Gingerbread Man Silver Coin 200,000 84% Oct2015
2016 $20 for $20 Tyrannosaurus Rex Silver Coin 300,000 Unknown Jan 2016
2016 $20 for $20 Batman v Superman Silver Coin 300,000 Feb 2016


One more $20 for $20 silver coin is scheduled for 2016. The third 2016-dated issue, bearing a design that is yet to be announced, arrives in May. In December, the Royal Canadian Mint started accepting subscription orders for this year’s coins. Subscribers have already received shipping confirmations for their Batman v Superman coin.

Coin Designs and Specifications

Inscriptions around the reverse’s epic battle scene read: 2016, FINE SILVER 9999 ARGENT PUR, 20 DOLLARS and ©DC.

Susanna Blunt’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth II appears on the obverse or heads side. The likeness of the Queen is surrounded by inscriptions of ELIZABETH II, CANADA and D G REGINA.

Coin specifications as provided by the Royal Canadian Mint include:

  • Mintage: 300,000
  • Composition: fine silver (99.99% pure)
  • Finish: specimen
  • Weight (g): 7.96
  • Diameter (mm): 27
  • Edge: serrated
  • Certificate: not serialized
  • Face value: 20 dollars

The coin’s weight and purity account for slightly more than one-quarter troy ounce of silver (0.255919943 ounces). Each is placed inside a protective clear pouch that is attached to an illustrated display card complete with specifications and a certificate of authenticity.

Other 2016 Batman v Superman Coins and Ordering

The 2016 $20 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice™ Silver Coin is available at mint.ca. The following affiliate link goes to the Mint’s $20 for $20 pageicon.

Also now available are:

  • 2016 $100 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice™ Gold Coin
  • 2016 $30 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice™ 2 oz. Silver Coin
  • 2016 $20 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice™ – The Trinity Silver Coin
  • 2016 $10 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice™ 1/2 oz. 4-Coin Subscription
  • 2016 25c Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice™ 3D Coin

For the $20 for $20 issue, there is a household ordering limit of 5 coins. The Mint ships them free in the United States and Canada and does not charge taxes.

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What’s up with derpy Batman? It should look like a fair fight.

Seth Riesling

Kris –

It does look like the depiction of the “jumping/flying Superman (TM) on this coin is beating up Batman (TM) badly & getting ready to kick his rather large codpiece! Lol. I wonder who wins in the movie version “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” (TM)? Any guesses anyone?

Happy collecting Kris!


Seth Riesling

Just a small request, but could you please publish photos of RCM & Perth Mint Australia coin obverse designs since they differ as to the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This article states that the reverse of this coin design has the inscription “Canada” on it, which is wrong.


Seth Riesling

Kris –

Received my 5 coins & they look great. A fantastic fight scene for sure! My 3-D coins with RCM limited edition collectors movie cards are on their way. Can’t wait to see them & collect all the very limited edition cards only available through RCM.!

Happy collecting.


Seth Riesling

Kris & all Superman (TM) coin collectors – The Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) announced today March 2 by e-mail the first sales figures for the 2015 $20 for $20 Superman (TM) silver coin at only 68% of the total mintage sold so far! It is the lowest sales number of the four different $20 for $20 silver coins offered in 2015! They also announced yesterday a special RCM holder case with color graphics of each design for all the 2011-2015 $20 for $20 silver coins & $25 for $25 silver coins which can be viewed at the official RCM websites… Read more »