$2 Notes Bear Lucky 8888 Serial Numbers

$2 8888 Lucky Money Sheet
BEP image of its $2 8888 Lucky Money Sheet

In celebration of the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year, the Bureau of Engraving (BEP) last month unveiled its latest Lucky Money products featuring uniquely serialized Federal Reserve notes.

Still available are uncut currency sheets of $2 notes with starting serial numbers beginning with "8888." In Asian cultures, the number "8" is traditionally associated with success, wealth and prosperity.

One sheet includes 8 uncirculated Series 2009 $2 Federal Reserve notes.

"Each sheet is displayed in a decorative holder, capturing the significance of numerology and Chinese symbolism, and is protected by an acid-free, clear, polymer sleeve," the BEP describes.

Priced at $58.88 per sheet and limited to 16,888, money collectors can buy the "Lucky Money" directly from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing website at:


Discounts are available when ordering in higher quantities. Five to 99 sheets are $5 less at $53.88 each. The price drops another $5 to $48.88 each for orders of 100 or more. There are no household ordering restrictions.

About the Bureau of Engraving and Printing

The BEP is the largest producer of security documents in the United States. It prints billions of Federal Reserve Notes each year for delivery to the Federal Reserve System. It also produces products for collectors to include intaglio prints, vignettes, and presidential portraits.

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Christopher Williams

Thank you, Mike. I just picked up a set.

Seth Riesling

Great BEP limited edition set of 8 uncut $2 FRN with fancy serial numbers. A nice presentation folder also. Lucky money is the best money!


Seth Riesling

Christopher Williams – I love these fancy serial number FRN note items from BEP too. They usually sell out quickly also, especially with Asian collectors during the Lunar New Year period as gifts & to add to specialty paper money fancy serial number notes collections. The BEP’s 2016 Year of the Monkey $1 FRN note with 8888 serial numbers in presentation folder wasn’t even a limited edition per se but sold out quickly at the low price of $5.95. This $2 uncut sheet with 8888 serial numbers in fancy folder is limited to only 16,888 sets & i am surprised… Read more »

Christopher Williams

Thank you, Seth.

I am looking forward to getting it.


I am new to Paper money collecting and this was my 1st purchase, wish I could have got n in the beginning fair money for them. Being offered good money for them but folks want to cut them up, which I would never do.
Just time and they will continue to increase. Good Luck All. Bill

Christopher Williams

Nice purchase, Bill. I still have mine. It’s not going anywhere.


sell first right of pick,second and so on


by the hour each of course