Perth Mint Bullion Sales Hit Multi-Month Highs in March

2015 Australian Funnel-Web Spider Silver Bullion Coin
2015 Australian Funnel-Web Spider Silver Bullion Coin, one of many products sold by the Perth Mint

Demand for Australian bullion products surged in March, according to figures from the Perth Mint of Australia, with gold sales the highest in three months and silver sales the strongest in four months.

Perth Mint gold coins and gold bars rose 34,260 ounces last month, advancing 7.1% from the 31,981 ounces claimed in February and marking a 13.5% increase over the 30,177 ounces moved a year earlier. Gold sales total 89,415 ounces through the first quarter, off 37% from last year’s starting three-month total of 141,998 ounces.

Perth Mint sales of silver coins at 638,557 ounces soared 62.9% from the 392,114 ounces in February and jumped 17.1% from the 545,165 ounces sold in March 2014. In the January to March period, silver sales total 1,616,624 ounces for a 12.6% decline from first quarter 2014 sales of 1,849,641 ounces.

Perth Mint Gold and Silver Sales by Month

Below is a monthly breakdown of Perth Mint bullion sales from March 2014 to March 2015.

Perth Mint Bullion Sales (in troy ounces)
Silver Gold
March 2015 638,557 34,260
February 2015 392,114 31,981
January 2015 585,953 23,174
December 2014 477,731 40,211
November 2014 851,836 49,904
October 2014 655,881 55,350
September 2014 756,839 68,781
August 2014 818,856 36,369
July 2014 577,988 25,103
June 2014 586,358 39,405
May 2014 630,349 36,127
April 2014 361,988 23,461
March 2014 545,165 30,177
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eric kaplan

how come you can’t buy bullion from the perth mint if you live in the U.S.A.?


Import tax ,postal and IRS rules make foreign bullion coins higher premium, so who really stupid to buy it,? Unless it have collector value like silver panda


You know how much shipping is from Australia?!? Wouldn’t want to pay that cost. I just wait until a domestic coin dealer has the bullion and buy it there 🙂


Shipping isn’t that bad. … i bought the star trek coin set directly from them,and the expedited shipping was only $15. ..