2014 $2 Single Note Collection Includes Two Banknotes


New from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) is its 2014 $2 Single Note Collection featuring $2 notes that have serial numbers beginning with "2014."

2014 $2 Single Note Collection
BEP images of its 2014 $2 Single Note Collection

Released Tuesday, July 8, and limited to 7,000 sets, interested money collectors should place their orders soon as these products tend to move quickly. The BEP’s last money product, the America’s Founding Fathers 2014 Currency Set, sold out within days of its June 24 release.

This year’s $2 Single Note Collection includes the following two banknotes:

  • a Series 2009 $2 note from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and
  • a Series 2009 $2 note from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

The $2 bills are inside a clear, acid-free polymer sleeve that is held within a folder representative of the corresponding Federal Reserve District of New York and San Francisco.

Pricing and Ordering

Pricing for the two-note collection is $15.90, which is half of the price of last year’s collection although it had four banknotes and a smaller limit of 4,000 sets.

This year’s collection has a pre-release period of July 8 to 15 so household ordering limits of 25 sets are in place until the 15th. If inventory remains beyond that date, the BEP indicates that the restrictions will be removed and individual notes will be available for sale.

Anyone may order the 2014 $2 Single Note Collection by visiting www.moneyfactorystore.gov.

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Steven Bron

“Anyone may order the 2014 $2 Single Note Collection..”

Only if you’re a resident of the USA, its territories or Canada according to the moneyfactory-site. So unfortunately not for everyone… 🙁