2014 Zeus High Relief Coin Begins Gods of Olympus Series


A new series entitled "Gods of Olympus" debuts from the Perth Mint of Australia with today’s release of the 2014 Zeus High Relief 2 oz Silver Coin.

2014 Zeus High Relief 2 oz Silver Coin
2014 Zeus High Relief 2 oz Silver Coin

Each is composed of two ounces of .999 fine silver and features the likeness of the mythical god Zeus on its reverse. An extremely limited mintage of 1,500, an antique finish and rimless design add to the desirability of the coin.

"In ancient Greek mythology, Zeus was worshipped as the supreme ruler of Mount Olympus and the Pantheon of gods that lived there," describes a release from the Perth Mint of Australia. "As a first for The Perth Mint, the 2oz silver coin is struck in high relief to a rimless format with an antique finish, capturing the fine details of Zeus."

Future program releases are scheduled to depict Poseidon and Hades.

Designs and Specifications

The 2014 Zeus High Relief 2 oz Silver Coin bears a reverse design by Perth Mint artist Tom Vaughan. In the image, the mythical gold is shown against a stormy sky holding a thunderbolt in his outstretched arm and a scepter behind him. An eagle flies over the rimless design. ‘ZEUS’ is inscribed below with the Perth Mint’s ‘P’ mintmark to the left.

2014 Zeus High Relief 2 oz Silver Coin - Reverse
2014 Zeus High Relief 2 oz Silver Coin – Reverse

These coins are struck as legal tender of the island nation of Tuvalu. This is indicated on the obverse with the inscriptions of ‘TUVALA’ and ‘2 DOLLARS.’ Additional inscriptions include ‘QUEEN ELIZABETH II,’ ‘2014’ and ‘2 oz 999 SILVER.’ All encircle the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

2014 Zeus High Relief 2 oz Silver Coin - Obverse
2014 Zeus High Relief Silver Coin – Obverse

The minimum gross weight is 62.27 grams with a diameter of 40.50 mm and a thickness of 6.00 mm.

Each is housed in a round wooden display case with added detailing on the lid. An illustrated shipper and Certificate of Authenticity are also included.

Initial pricing is listed as AUS $162.73, or US $142.67, with the entire mintage likely to sell out fast.

Orders may be placed directly from The Perth Mint website at http://www.perthmint.com.au, with the product page found via this affiliant link.

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JOE #2

In my opinion, One of the most beautiful pieces i have seen in a long time. The first for the Perth Mint with only 1,500!!! mintage. I had to buy 3 of them.

Mike Unser

This one caught my attention too — very unique, and I was surprised by the mintage as well. I had to get one myself!

JOE #2

The coin at least for right now is unavailable from Perth. Either it sold out in approx: 4 hours or they are waiting to sell the rest out later to give everyone who wants to buy it a chance at it.


Being in Canada, with the time change difference, I too was able to pick up a couple of these coins too. Curious to know if the present inventory “unavailable” means complete sell-out within six hours or if indeed they are holding some coins back for domestic market (any one have experience with similar Perth Mint releases in the past. If indeed it is sold out, the secondary & tertiary markets for this coin will likely be substantially higher. On a day that the DOW lost 338 points, comforting to have put some capital into something quite likely to appreciate.

JOE #2

As of right now, Monday Feb. 3rd 2014 at 8 pm est (USA time ), The coin is selling again. Like i said in the earlier post, Perth probably wants to give as many people as possible a chance to pick up this beauty.


Started before 9 pm est USA and by the time I made it to checkout it said zero available and I was not able to order. I am surprised that they allowed more than one per household on such a small mintage.

JOE #2

Ronnie, The coin is available at Downies!!!! good luck…


Showing as “unavailable” right now (Tuesday 9am). Bought 2 right after they came out yesterday. Love this coin. 2 ounce silver coins are so much better for high relief designs, in my opinion. I’m seeing these on Ebay for $300 or so….

Does anybody know the time schedule of the next two coins in the series?


Interesting interpretation of the Greek god Zeus.

He looks like the video version of a Zombie god…


Joe, Mike and Vision got six and the rest went to the cable/sat TV coin shows.

JOE #2

I think power coin is about the only ones left that have them… Talisman… Downies as well as Perth is gone. Glad you were able to get some Ronnie.


Poseidon (approx.. June) and Hades (approx…October) the dates have yet to be confirmed. That’s the answer I received from Downies
Joe #2
Thanks for the tip on Downies. I was able to secure 1.


Tuvalu is a Polynesian island country and has no connections with the ancient Greek gods. One would think that if you commemorate something, it should have something to do with your country. Next it is 2oz silver to $2 Tuvalu. Canada has $5 to the ounce, Britain 2L, the US $1. Does this mean that this could be the new silver standard? Silver $Tuvalu=$US=5 Canadian$=2L Britain? Now you can trade and it is standardized, no need for the US $, no need for currency conversions; just the monetary units you fix to the ounce of bullion silver. It requires that… Read more »

F Santis

I don’t know how the PM can get away with not putting the coin in a capsule. They make a big enough song and dance about it’s unique design and limited mintage, and then it’s just stuffed naked into a poorly designed presentation case that doesn’t prevent it from bouncing around in transit.
With PM lacking any kind of answers to basic questions asked, I won’t bother with this particular series.


The Perth Mint $2 Tuvalu high relief 2 troy oz. pure silver coins for the 2014 three Gods of Olympus (Zeus, Poseidon & Hades) and the 2015 three Goddesses of Olympus (Hera, Athena & Aphrodite) do not come in coin capsules. Watch the Perth Mint video on YouTube @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lv5p6pVXgBQ . Towards the end of the video @ 1:11, you can see a clear coat being sprayed onto the coins to protect their antique finish. Since these coins are rimless, there is no rim to
stop to a coin capsule from touching their high relief design.