Early American Coins Anchor Heritage’s ANA Auction in Dallas


A 1793 Wreath Cent, Vine and Bars, SP66 Brown NGC is among the important early coinage in Heritage Auctions’ Oct. 18 American Numismatic Association (ANA) Auction, taking place at the Dallas Convention Center in conjunction with the ANA’s National Money ShowSM, Oc. 18-19.

1793 1C Wreath Cent
This 1793 1C Wreath Cent is among the highlights of early American coins offered at Heritage’s ANA Auction in Dallas on October 18

Many collecting experts believe the 1793 Wreath Cent on offer was struck for presentation purposes as its surfaces are vibrant and bright unlike any other Wreath cents. It was most notably used to depict its variety in important 19th century photo plates by Levick and Crosby. It comes to auction from one of the event’s featured collections, The Greensboro Collection, Part I.

"The 1793 Wreath Cent is a very special early large cent," said Greg Rohan, President of Heritage Auctions, "and it is only the beginning of the important early coinage available in the auction."

A top silver offering is an extraordinary 1802 Dollar, PR64 PCGS, also known as a novodel — one of just four such specimens known — comes just two months after Heritage offered another novodel in Long Beach, CA, in early August. This near-Gem specimen previously was in the collections of Virgil Brand and the Norweb family.

1802 Dollar
This 1802 dollar, one of four specimens known, is a top silver offering in Heritage’s ANA Auction in Dallas on October 18

An extraordinary 1792 Half Disme, Judd-7, AU55 PCGS, the finer of two half dismes in the auction, presents collectors with an extraordinary opportunity to acquire a strikingly well-preserved example of the first silver coinage struck by the United States after the passage of the Mint Act.

1792 Half Disme
This 1792 Half Disme is an example of the first silver coin produced by the U.S. Mint. It will be offered October 18 at Heritage’s ANA Auction in Dallas

Early U.S. highlights from the Greensboro Collection, Part I, continue with a 1794 Half Dime, V-3, LM-3, SP67 PCGS, and a 1792 Disme in Copper, Judd-10, PR62 Brown NGC — a landmark early experimental piece in U.S. coinage history that is much rarer than the more famous 1792 half dismes. The copper disme was formerly in the collections of Doctor J. Hewitt Judd and Ed Price.

1794 Half Dime
This 1794 Half Dime is a highlight from the Greensboro Collection, Part I. It will also be offered in Heritage’s ANA Auction in Dallas on October 18

In later coinage, an 1844 Dime, PR66 NGC offers collectors an unusual opportunity to own one of the most popular Seated dime issues of all in proof format.

1844 Dime
This 1844 Dime is one of the most popular Seated dimes in proof. It will be auctioned by Heritage on October 18 in Dallas.

"The 1844 is nicknamed the ‘Little Orphan Annie’ due to its popularity," said Rohan. "This is the single finest proof specimen known and was previously in the collections of John Jay Pittman and Phil Kaufman."

Further highlights include, but are not limited to:

1849 Gold Dollar, No L, PR64 é Cameo NGC: This Proof 64 Star Cameo example is the finer of two pieces certified by a major grading service and represents an opportunity that may not come again for years.

1833 Half Eagle, Large Date, PR61 NGC: One of just three or four known proofs for the date, one of which is in the National Numismatic Collection at the Smithsonian Institution and thus not available to collectors.

1870-CC Double Eagle, XF40 NGC: Fewer than four thousand 1870-CC double eagles struck and only a small fraction survive, making this a highly desirable coin. From The Gnome at the Shore Collection.

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