Canadian $20 Magical Reindeer Silver Coin for $20


The Royal Canadian Mint has unveiled the sixth commemorative coin in the extremely popular Exchange $20 for $20 series, the $20 Magical Reindeer Silver Coin. It may be ordered today, and it will ship by mid-November.

Canadian $20 Magical Reindeer Silver Coin
RCM image of its $20 Magical Reindeer Silver Coin

The release coincides near the holidays for a good reason. The design on the reverse features the image of a reindeer — a creature that has long been associated with the season.

Like its predecessors, this coin is struck from 99.99% pure silver. Each bears a legal tender face value of $20 and is sold to the public for $20, thus leading to the name of the series.

Design of $20 Magical Reindeer Silver Coin

Renowned Canadian artist Virginia Boulay designed the image of the reindeer found on the reverse of the silver coin. It shows the creature adorned for the season and almost appearing as if in flight. A field of stars can be seen behind the reindeer’s antlers.

Reverse inscriptions include 20 DOLLARS, FINE SILVER, ARGENT PUR, 9999, 2012 and CANADA. The initials of VB are also found on the reverse representing the artist.

Struck as legal tender of Canada, the obverse of the coin contains the Susanna Blunt effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. Obverse inscriptions include ELIZABETH II and D.G. REGINA.

Each silver coin weighs 7.96 g, or slightly more than one-fourth ounce. They have serrated edges and a diameter of 27 mm.

The Royal Canadian Mint ships each encapsulated coin in a clear vinyl pouch along with a non-serialized certificate.

$20 for $20 Mintages

The Royal Canadian Mint has indicated a mintage limit for the Magical Reindeer silver coin at 250,000. This matches previous releases in the series, with the exception of the first coin that was limited to 200,000.

All prior coins sold out in short order despite strict household limits. Several were not available for more than a month.

Previous $20 Silver Coin Issues

Five Exchange $20 for $20 coins have been issued by the Royal Canadian Mint previous to this new Magical Reindeer coin. Those five are listed below in their release order:

Order from Royal Canadian Mint

Orders for the commemorative Magical Reindeer Silver Coin may be placed via the Royal Canadian Mint’s website at for $20 CAD each plus shipping and handling.

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the canadian $20.00 silver coins are worth how much?

from this year low – $6.68 each.
from current high – $9.05 each.

your cost is $20.00 plus shipping and/or sales tax. i came out over $20.00 each.

so far the selling price of those silver coins are between $30.00 to $50.00 shipping and sales tax included. big premium added. not a good investment.


Only 1/4 ounce of silver in the magical reindeer $20 for $20 silver coin,for $32.95.

The other Brian

Fun, nice looking, and low cost. But definitely not for investment. Collecting only.


What would you rather have, a $20 bill (a piece of paper with a 20 stamped on it), or a piece of silver with $20 stamped on it ? Compare to most 1Oz coins that have $1 or $5 nominal value. Not good for it’s silver content, but much better than something with paper content. Only really good for Canadians eayh (-:


Not worth the shipping cost for a 75% clad coin. Better off buying 2012 holiday 1 ounce silver rounds. More choices. A little over the cost of melt.


They even have half ounce silver 2012 holiday rounds for $21.95. And one of them has a reindeer. 9999 PUR 1/2 oz of silver, not 1/4 oz for $20.


The $20 for $20 pure silver coin is a great program that the US Mint should follow. It is not an investor or bullion coin, it is simply a choice between whether you prefer paper or fine silver currency. I prefer fine silver. If you do not have a friend in Canada to order them or ship to, you have to pay 12.99 to ship them here. So if you order 3 coins, there is a little over a $4 premium on each coin for shipping. That is not the fault of the Canadian Mint, that”s just what we have… Read more »


you don’t have to buy it from canada. some local dealers have them. like 100 pc for 22.95 each. you can even buy several thousands pieces for diamond jubilee at 22.95. canada mint said sold out. actually they sold it the american dealers at a discount.