2012-W Proof Platinum Eagle Coin Sales Debut at 2,461


Opening demand for the 2012-W Proof Platinum Eagle coin was lukewarm when contrasted against past starts in the series, according to the latest sales figures from the United States Mint.

2012 Proof Platinum Eagle
Sales of the 2012-W Proof Platinum Eagle Coin started at 2,461

Buyers purchased 2,461 of the 99.95% fine platinum coins between their release on August 9, 2012 and August 13, 2012. At $1,692 a pop, that represents a dollar total of $4,164,012.

Last year’s proof Platinum Eagle coin scored debuting sales of nearly $14.2 million, although each was priced $400 higher.

Despite its numismatic value, pressuring sales was the price of platinum. While other precious metals advanced last week, the precious metal logged a weekly loss of 1.0%. Since there is no rush to purchase the coin with a stated mintage of 15,000, collectors may be staying on the sideline in hopes of an eventual Platinum Eagle price reduction.

Here is a picture of comparing unit sales debuts since 2009:

2009-2012 Proof American Platinum Eagle Sales Debut

  Debut Price Debut Sales Period Debut Sales Units Sold Per Day Final Sales / Mintages
2012 Proof Platinum Eagle Coin $1,692 5 Days 2,461 492 ? / 15,000
2011 Proof Platinum Eagle Coin $2,092 4 Days 6,786 1,697 ? / 15,000*
2010 Proof Platinum Eagle Coin $1,892 6 Days 8,268 1,378 10,000 / 10,000
2009 Proof Platinum Eagle $1,792 4 Days 7,207 1,802 8,000 / 8,000


*Last year’s proof remains available and has current sales of 14,836 for a weekly increase of 76. It went on sale May 26, 2011 at a starting price of $2,092. As platinum prices have fallen since, the 2011-dated coin is now priced the same as the 2012 issue.

This year’s coin is the fourth issued within the six-year "Preamble Series." Its reverse design features the theme "To Provide for the Common Defence." It may be ordered directly from the United States Mint online store http://www.usmint.gov or by calling 1-800-872-6468.

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coinnews.net –
Thanks for headlining the number of units sold rather than the useless (to collectors) total dollars sold.