Gettysburg 5 Oz Silver Uncirculated Coin Release Details

Gettysburg 5 Oz Silver Uncirculated Coin
The Gettysburg 5 Oz Silver Uncirculated Coin, shown above, will go on sale September 22 for $279.95.

The United States Mint plans to release the 2011-P Gettysburg National Military Park Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin to the public beginning at Noon (Eastern Time) on Thursday, September 22, 2011.

Details given in a Mint press statement issued Thursday indicate changes have been made for the Gettysburg uncirculated coin, the first of five 2011 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins™ scheduled for release this year.

There are two noteworthy updates. Household order limits have been ramped up from one to five coins for the first week of sales. And the maximum mintage increased to 35,000. The inaugural 2010-dated coins, which actually were only issued earlier this year, had mintage caps at 27,000 per design.

The increased mintage is likely due to two major factors. First, the United States Mint struggled with the production of the debut year uncirculated coins and their related bullion counterparts. The authorizing law initially required America the Beautiful coins to be struck from five ounces of .999 fine silver to a diameter of three inches and include an edge inscription indicating their weight and fineness. Utilizing new equipment purchased singly for their production, the Mint was eventually able to meet those specifications but much of the year had past. With the production process geared up and more time on hand, the increased mintage is easier to attain.

Second, demand for each uncirculated coin has been solid. The first four issues in the program sold out in nine weeks or less — the first two disappeared in about two weeks. The last issue, the Mount Hood National Forest Silver Uncirculated Coin, is still available after its July 28 release. However, the United States Mint indicates that 21,288 of the coins have been ordered as of Monday, September 12th, accounting for over 78% of the available mintage.

According to the Mint, the 2011-P Gettysburg National Military Park Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin will be sold for $279.95 per coin. This is the same price point used for previous releases. The Mint notes that the price is subject to change, as is possible with all of its precious metal products.

Those interested in placing an order for the Gettysburg uncirculated coin may do so beginning at Noon (Eastern) on September 22 at the United States Mint website ( or by calling 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

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I bought the first 5, but I am done. Lower the price and I’ll think about it

A&L Futures

I agree.

Why do we have to pay:
$60.45 for the 2011-W ASE
$279.95 for the 5oz ATB

The SPOT price of silver is $40.75 (as of this posting)

Based on these figures, we’re paying:
$19.70 per oz over SPOT for the 2011-W ASE
$15.24 per oz over SPOT for the 5 oz ATB coins

I fear that with the upcoming release of the 25th Anniversary Set, this gap will increase substantially…..(any thoughts)???


I agree with A&L Futures’ concerns.

When I heard about the 5 coin eagle set, I initially suspected that they might even try and price it as high as $499. Realisitically, it could be closer to $399. A steep price to pay.


Quit whining…since when did the US Mint care about the collector? With the exception of the first issue of the 5 oz bullion coin. Lousy images on the collector coins and minting to many different coins, the mint is only interested in profits. Don’t buy the over priced coins, buy bullion and wait for the collector coins to go down once the gold bubble pops.


@Blue – I am not an investor, but a casual collector. So don’t suggest that I do something that I am not interested in. Blue is another poster that talks like a big-boy behind the anonymity of the internet.


Well, I bought the first (4) ATB Collector Versions and plan on selling them at a fair price if anyone is interested. I did not buy the Mt. Hood. 3 of the 4 that I have are graded by NGC also. Any Takers??????


@Brian…Get a Life……..


James, I sold the 5-2010’s to APMEX today for $1,500. Im sure they will give you a higher premium for your graded rounds. You have to be selling at least a grand to qualify to sell to apmex. Make sure you tell them its the P-Mint also, they only wanted to give me $1125 until I reiterated that this is the P puck (not the bullion) A&L futures, agreed. I’m am gonna boycott the mint. The mint is charging the same price that they would not let the AP’s sell the 2010 bullion pucks. How hypocritical. Another example of their… Read more »


Bill you hit the nail in the head… Even though mint products are more expensive, and I completely agree with you in that sometimes prices are ridiculous, specially when silver dipped to $36 and they were still charging $279 per coin… or when spot price increases and they halt sales… I still think is a good investment overall because if you decide to sell it is very likely you will recover your investment and make a profit. We fill entitled to a higher premium because it has the “P” or the “W” or it is burnished… And the truth is… Read more »


@Blue – See what I mean? Only adding evidence against yourself. So go take your mustache and white panel van elsewhere.

george glazener

LOL…..reminds me of the old Yahoo message boards…!! Anyone remember the lively mud-slinging that used to occur there daily?


Now is really a though buy with silver trading at $31 and still falling…