New Edition of Strike It Rich With Pocket Change

Cover of Strike It Rich With Pocket Change, 3rd Edition
Cover of Strike It Rich With Pocket Change, 3rd Edition

The 3rd edition of Strike It Rich With Pocket Change, by renowned error coin experts Ken Potter and Dr. Brian Allen, is now available from Krause Publications.

The new edition of Strike It Rich With Pocket Change includes dozens of new varieties on State Quarters, Presidential Dollars, "Ocean In View" Nickels, and Lincoln cents; more defined photographs and illustrations; and an addition of type and degree of error information in the descriptions.

"Have you ever knowingly spent $100 on a candy bar or $50 on a soft drink? As ludicrous as the concept sounds, there is no doubt that you have unintentionally done this numerous times without ever knowing it," states the introduction of Strike It Rich With Pocket Change. "The fact is, billions of coins pass through the public’s hands every day and of these coins, a small but significant percentage contain variations in design or errors that make them different than the rest."

U.S. Mint error coin discoveries can range from a couple bucks to several thousand. No computers or coin dealers are necessary with this book, just a fist full of coins.

Unlike rare and obsolete coins, hidden coin treasures are laying around in cash drawers and piggy banks, waiting for the common eye to spot them. This book is a clear and simple guide to prepare any collector or treasure hunter to spot rare coins the average consumer normally would never notice.

With the potential to uncover valuable rarities, this book will bring out the treasure hunter in anyone. It’s perfect for both novice and expert collectors, as well as providing an indispensable tool for U.S. coin dealers and researchers.

Strike It Rich With Pocket Change provides hundreds of impressive, detailed images for accurate identification and a comprehensive grading guide in plain English. There is no need for previous knowledge to get started. Each page has a detailed description with diagramed photos to help identify each coin and to clarify the type and degree of error.

Normally retailing for $19.99, coin error guide Strike It Rich With Pocket Change is currently available at a discounted price of under $14 from Krause’s online store at

About the Authors of Strike It Rich With Pocket Change

Ken Potter and Dr. Brian Allen are leading experts in the field with an absolute passion for uncovering the next scarce variety that eludes the U.S. Mint’s quality control procedures. Ken Potter has been a dealer in U.S. coins, specializing in errors and varieties, for many years with a sterling reputation for accuracy and a keen eye. You can visit his website which he regularly updates with new coin discoveries: Brian Allen has been collecting since childhood. He is a founding member of the National Collector’s Association of Die Doubling and has co-authored three coin-related books.

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