PMG Tool Verifies Certification and Authenticity of US Notes


Paper Money Guaranty (PMG) has created a new online Note Certification Verification Tool. The tool, which can be found at, is free for users and will verify the certification and authenticity of US notes that PMG has graded.

PMG Online Note Certification Verification Tool
Paper Money Guarantee Online Note Certification Verification Tool

Currency can be verified by PMG certification number or by serial number. For notes currently in a PMG holder only the certification number is needed to confirm the notes authenticity.

Notes that are in any other holder or are raw can be verified using the serial number, catalog number, bank charter number and plate position. After entering the note’s information, the resource provides information on the Note Number, Country, Description, Seal Type, Signatures/Vignettes, PMG Grade and any comments on the note. If no information is returned, the note most likely was not graded by PMG.

"This valuable tool was created as a resource for anyone that collects US Currency. It’s easy to use and creates a safeguard against counterfeiting notes and their holders," says Richard Stelzer, PMG Grading Finalizer. "I am really excited about the release of this tool.  I believe it is the beginning of the 2nd generation of note certification and our commitment to making collecting and investing in currency a safer and more transparent experience," he went on to say.

"We want Clients and Collectors to know that we are doing everything we can to help make their collectibles purchases safe and to ensure they know what they are getting before making a purchase. This tool is simply another data point that can be used to verify if a note has been graded by multiple services," adds Mark Salzberg, Chairman of Certified Collectibles Group, parent company of PMG.

In addition to returning note information, the Note Verification Tool also provides a direct link to that note in the PMG Population Report. This report can be accessed with a free Collectors Society membership and provides a count as to how many notes of this type have been graded by grade.

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John Abbott

Nice article. Seems like a pretty valuable tool there. People will counterfeit anything they can get away with. Paintings, bank notes, etc. This seems great for dealers AND hobbyists.