US Mint Accidentally Deletes 2,200 Proof Silver Eagle Orders


The US Mint today is attempting to contact some 2700 customers to let them know their coin order was deleted, including 2,200 customers who placed one for the highly coveted 2010 Proof Silver Eagle coin.

2010 Proof Silver Eagle
2010 Proof Silver Eagle - Click to Enlarge Image

Each deleted order was limited to an online transaction. Additionally, the latest information indicates that the majority of the deletions, if not all, occurred within a one hour span of time between 2 and 3 pm (ET) on Friday, November 19, 2010.

That was the slice of time at which the US Mint’s online store received the heaviest traffic as tens of thousands of customers raced to place their purchase online. The 2010 Proof Silver Eagle debuted Friday at Noon ET.

Opening demand for the .999 fine silver proof coin proved to be exceptional, with three-day sales at 273,212.

2010 Proof Silver Eagle Demand Warning
2010 Proof Silver Eagle demand warning placed on the U.S. Mint website on the day the proof coin was released. The warning told customers that they may experience delays when attempting to purchase online or through the call center. (Click to Enlarge Image)

The US Mint is diligently attempting to contact those customers whose Proof Silver Eagle purchase may have been affected. The Mint wants them to resubmit their order by telephone. These customers are receiving priority delivery status and free next day shipping.

For reference, the official US Mint statement on the matter follows:



24 November 2010

The United States Mint today said that approximately 2200 orders for American Eagle Silver Proof Coins that went on sale last week may have been deleted in error. The deleted orders were placed between 12 noon (ET) on Friday, November 19 and 7:30 pm (ET) on Sunday, November 21. Approximately 500 orders for other products may have also been deleted. Initial indications point to the computer system becoming overloaded because of the high volume of online orders that were being processed.

Only Internet orders appear to have been affected. No telephone orders were impacted.

Between noon Friday and 7:30 pm Sunday, the Mint processed more than 35,000 internet orders. Mint records indicate that a majority of the deleted orders were placed between 2 and 3 pm (ET) on Friday — the time when Internet order traffic was the highest.

The United States Mint is currently contacting the nearly 2700 customers who may have been affected. E-mails are being sent or phone calls are being placed to those customers, urging them to resubmit their orders via telephone. Replacement orders will be given priority handling and free expedited (next day) shipping to compensate for the inconvenience to customers.

The Mint believes that any orders placed after 7:30 pm (ET) on November 21 were processed properly.

The United States Mint is continuing to update its computer-based ordering system to prevent such problems in the future. Although some progress has been made, additional improvements are planned.

This is one more issue the US Mint must shoulder regarding the 2010 Proof Silver Eagle. Two weeks earlier a portion of US Mint subscription customers were sent erroneous emails indicating that their 2010 Proof Silver Eagle order had been placed on backorder status and then canceled. The US Mint apologized for the inconvenience and confusion as it corrected the error and reinstated each order that was affected.

The 2010 Proof Silver Eagle may be ordered from the US Mint website (direct product link), or its toll free number 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

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John Doe

I was one of the people whose order was deleted. I put my order in at 1:00 on Friday and received no confirmation. I called today and they happily did all that was said in the article above, however the coins are on backorder. So I order an hour after they were released and I’m one of those put on backorder. Awesome job US Mint! Is there any realistic expectation I should have of these actually being shipped?


I ordered 9 SE Proofs on opening day around 3:15 pm and everything went smoothly. Have not received any notice from the mint. My online account at mint says on hold and reserved. A previous notice said would not ship till Dec. 5. The mint did take my money from my visa account. They used to never do this unless the order was shipped! I’ve got my fingers crossed that my order ever arrives. Yes, I to have had trouble with past mint shipments. Usually with the shipper. Silver Eagle proofs are my favorite modern coin issue and I’m sure… Read more »