US Mint Proof Gold Eagle Sales Near $100 Million, Expect Price Increases


2010 Proof American Gold Eagle

With the sell out of the most popular single one ounce 2010 Proof Gold Eagle combined with expected price increases on Wednesday, buyers quickly shifted their attention to the remaining product options. They spent more money than in each of the prior two weeks, lifting total coin sales near $100 million.

Fractional 2010 Proof Gold Eagles and the 4-coin proof set outperformed their prior weekly gains, with the latter enjoying the most interest and posting its best weekly pick up since the 22 karat gold coins were launched on October 7, 2010.

The latest U.S. Mint coin sales figures cover up to November 7, 2010, making the Gold Eagle sales period exactly one month in duration. The following are the product unit breakouts by week during that one month:

2010 Proof Gold Eagle One Month Sales

Oct 7-
Oct 10
Oct 11-
Oct 17
Oct 18-
Oct 24
Oct 25-
Oct 31
Oct 31-
Nov 7
1 oz 13,980 5,215 2,107 3,698 0 25,000 25,000
1/2 oz 2,173 706 247 373 503 4,002 15,000
1/4 oz 2,780 669 311 246 407 4,413 16,000
1/10 oz 6,945 1,593 644 609 620 10,411 27,000
4-coin set 7,147 2,840 1,432 1,366 4,639 17,424 39,000


The latest weekly increases boosted the Mint’s gross revenue by $14.32 million, bringing total revenue for the gold series to $97,755,111. In contrast, the prior two weekly gains lifted Mint sales by $10.39 million and $7.99 million, respectively.

Gold Eagle Price Increases Likely

Through a series of unique market circumstances, the proof gold series narrowly missed price hikes on October 19, and then again on November 3. The London Fix gold range from $1,300 to $1,349.99 has been the level used by United States Mint to set numismatic gold product prices since the proof Gold Eagles were released. Barring a miracle, however, prices will increase Wednesday, November 10.

The London PM gold fixing on Tuesday was $1,421 an ounce. Unless Wednesday’s London PM fixing falls below $1,350 an ounce, the Gold Eagles will see price increases of $25 for the one half ounce, $12.50 for the one quarter ounce, $5 for the one tenth ounce, and $92.50 for the four-coin set.

When necessary, the U.S. Mint generally adjusts coin prices between 11:00 AM-12:00 ET on Wednesday. Other coins that will see increases include:

  • both proof and uncirculated 24 karat First Spouse Gold Coins (up $25)
  • the 24 karat 2010-W Gold Buffalo coin (up $50)

Coins may be ordered through or by calling the toll free number 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

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