US Mint July 2010 Coin Production: Buchanan Dollars Scarcest


James Buchanan Presidential DollarBreaking a string of four consecutive monthly gains, the coin production pace in July retreated 15.98 percent from June according to newly published United States Mint mintage figures.

Coin levels fell across the board, with the exception of Roosevelt dimes which shot 33.5 million higher than the increase in June. Three major coin production events occurred in July:

  • Total production hit 3,597,430,000, topping the entire 3,548,000,000 output reached in all 12 months of 2009

  • James Buchanan Presidential $1 coin mintages were solidified (see bottom table). Their numbers are the lowest in the series which began in 2007. The 2010-D Buchanan dollar is the most scarce, followed by the 2010-P Buchanan dollar.

  • Yosemite National Park Quarter figures were released (read CoinNews article Yosemite Quarter Mintages Revealed, or see bottom table)

As the following July 2010 numbers illustrate, the only coins not minted during the month were Kennedy Half Dollars which have been silent since January, and Native American Dollars which were struck the prior month in Denver.

Circulating Coins Produced in July 2010

Denver Philadelphia Total
2010 Lincoln Cents 212,800,000 242,800,000 455,600,000
2010 Jefferson Nickels 36,240,000 43,680,000 79,920,000
2010 Roosevelt Dimes 75,500,000 104,500,000 180,000,000
2010 Quarters 21,600,000 10,600,000 32,200,000
2010 Kennedy Half Dollars 0 0 0
2010 Native American $1 0 0 0
2010 Presidential $1s 12,040,000 12,320,000 24,360,000
Total 358,180,000 413,900,000 772,080,000


Yet, despite the overall slowdown in July, it easily ranks as the second busiest month for the U.S. Mint in more than a year. It trails behind the monthly surge in June.

2010 Monthly Mintage Totals

January February March April
218.41 M 194.40 M 384.42 M 451.96 M


May June July
657.22 M 918.94 M 772.08 M


2010 Lincoln cents are again top dog. The 455.6 million struck in July adds to a 2010 total that is just 47.2 million short of surpassing all the pennies produced in 2009.

July 2010 Jefferson nickel production nearly equals the entire 5c supply from 2009.

2010 Roosevelt dimes are in demand. The 180 million run in July is 34 million more than all of the dimes minted in 2009.

America the Beautiful Quarters™ jumped to 209.4 million for the year, with 110 million from Denver and 99.4 million from Philadelphia. Philadelphia’s level exactly matches the combined total of the first three 2010-P quarters — Hot Springs, Yellowstone and Yosemite. Denver’s total is higher by 11.4 million, suggesting that the mint is already producing Grand Canyon National Park Quarters in preparation for their release into circulation on September 20, 2010.

The following is a breakout of the published mintages by coin design:

2010 YTD Coin Production by Design

Denver Philadelphia 2010 Total
Lincoln Cents 1,124,400,000 1,182,430,000 2,306,830,000
Jefferson Nickels 72,480,000 119,760,000 192,240,000
Roosevelt Dimes 262,000,000 324,000,000 586,000,000
Hot Springs National Park Quarters 29,000,000 30,600,000 59,600,000
Yellowstone National Park Quarters 34,800,000 33,600,000 68,400,000
Yosemite National Park Quarters 34,800,000 35,200,000 70,000,000
Kennedy Half Dollars 1,700,000 1,800,000 3,500,000
2010 Native American $1 42,980,000 32,060,000 75,040,000
Fillmore Presidential $1 36,960,000 37,520,000 74,480,000
Pierce Presidential $1 38,360,000 38,220,000 76,580,000
Buchanan Presidential $1 36,540,000 36,820,000 73,360,000


As previously mentioned and shown in the table above, James Buchanan $1s mintages represent a new low. The Buchanan dollar will be released into circulation on Thursday, August 19, 2010 — rolls of the coins from the Mint will be available on the same day. Abraham Lincoln dollars will be the final Presidential $1 released this year.

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