Coin News: Mint Engravers, PCGS CoinFacts, $100,000 Penny Find


Several numismatic news or coin blog articles are occasionally referenced on CoinNews. These articles are not authored by us, but we recommend coin collectors read them for their unusual or interesting content. Here are today’s coin articles:

Mint Engravers Embrace 21st Century Technology
Staff | Numismatic News

It’s the stuff movies are made of. Really. The same technology that brought "Shrek" to life gives design detail to U.S. coins. Forget paper and pencil, plaster and clay. Today’s artist/sculptor/engraver at the United States Mint in Philadelphia works with sophisticated (and expensive) computer software to create coins and medals. Chief Engraver John Mercanti has seen and done it all. From the …

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$100,000 Penny Find
Ken Potter | Numismaster

First there was one, then three and now there are four 1969-S Doubled Die Obverse No. 1 cents that have been found by collectors within just the past three years. Such a find is financially rewarding. One of them sold for $126,500. The valuable variety shows strong hub doubling on the date, LIBERTY and IN GOD WE TRUST. In a telephone interview with the finder of the latest specimen …

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Italy drivers hit coin ‘jackpot’ after lorry accident
Staff | BBC News

Motorists in southern Italy must have thought they hit the jackpot after spotting piles of euro coins on a motorway. A security lorry carrying some two million euros (£1,66m; $2.5m) in one and two-euro coins overturned near Foggia. The lorry’s rear door popped open, shedding the precious cargo. Before the police arrived, some drivers stopped their cars and made off with at least 10,000 euros …

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PCGS CoinFacts…the grand plan
David Hall | PCGS Blog

Imagine with me for a few minutes… Imagine if you will… Every U.S. coin…all regular Mint issues, all proofs, all varieties of those issues, and include Colonials, Territorials, and Patterns. In other words…imagine the entirety of U.S. numismatics. Now imagine a photo…an image online…a great image…of the finest known example of all of those coins. Imagine a variety guide…a guide which has detailed images, including close-ups, of each variety. A guide on how to distinguish each variety …

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Treasure hunter Fisher’s heirs sell salvage rights
Staff | South Florida Business Journal

Treasure hunter Mel Fisher’s heirs have sold the salvage rights to the 1715 Treasure Fleet to Queen Jewels LLC, a Sebastian-based company led by former Cincinnati developer William Brisben. The fleet of Spanish galleons was loaded in Cuba with gold bars, coins, diamonds, emeralds and pearls before all of the ships sank in a hurricane on July 31, 1715, about 40 miles north of West Palm Beach …

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