IAPN’s 59th Annual Congress Held in Iceland


IAPNThe 59th annual congress of the International Association of Professional Numismatist (I.A.P.N.) took place in Reykjavik, Iceland in May of 2010.

Despite disruptive clouds of volcanic ash interfering with airlines flights the congress was well attended. Many of the world’s top numismatic firms were in attendance, with eleven countries total being represented.

The congress began May 21st with opening ceremonies by I.A.P.N. President Paul Davies and Olafur Asgeirsson "Director of the National Archives of Iceland."

Many important topics were discussed during the business sessions. These include the ongoing efforts of The International Bureau for the Suppression of Counterfeit Coins (I.B.S.C.C.) and the work being done to combat forgeries entering the market.

The I.B.S.C.C. is a subsidiary of the I.A.P.N that’s primary function is focused on these areas. Other discussions were held regarding new legislation regarding cultural properties, import regulations and its effects on the numismatic trade.

Three new firms were elected including:

  • Stephen Album Rare Coins of Santa Rosa, California,
  • Daniel Frank Sedwick of Winter Park, Florida and
  • Patrick Guillard from Paris, France.

The I.A.P.N. also presented its annual book prize. Although many good books were submitted, this year’s winner was Helmut Zottl for his two volume work on the coinage of Salzburg.

Congress attendees were fortunate to visit the Museum of the Central Bank of Iceland where senior numismatist Anton Holt gave a viewing of their numismatic collection. Members were able to view coins tokens and what is considered by many to be the acme of Icelandic banknote collections.

The I.A.P.N. general assembly for 2011 is scheduled to be held in Edinburgh Scotland.

For more information on the I.A.P.N please visit www.iapn-coin.org.

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