Reward Now $159,250 in New Jersey Coin Theft


(Fallbrook, California) — The combined total of the cash reward offered by the Professional Numismatists Guild, PNG member-dealers and others is now $159,250. The money will be given for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the thief or thieves who recently stole rare coins from long-time PNG member-dealer Julian M. Leidman of Silver Spring, Maryland. Six dealers pledged $10,000 each to help solve the crime.

Stolen 1879 pattern dollar and off center 1929 5 Reichsmark
This pattern 1879 silver dollar and off-center 1929 5 Reichsmark silver coin are two from the over 1,000 coins stolen from PNG member-dealer Julian M. Leidman

The theft occurred on Sunday, October 11, 2009, as Leidman was returning from a coin show in Stamford, Connecticut. His entire inventory of over 1,000 coins as well as currency ranging from Colonial era to small size notes was stolen when his minivan was broken into during a stop in Pine Brook, New Jersey.

Two bags of clothing and Leidman’s laptop computer also were taken when the thief or thieves smashed a passenger window to remove three heavy bags of coins and paper money from his minivan.

As of Monday, October 19, 2009, these are the dealers and organizations that have made pledges to the reward fund, according to PNG Executive Director Robert Brueggeman. 

Amount: Donor: PNG Member:
$250 Bergan, Shawn
$500 Chaisson, Ron
$500 Durann, Elliott
$500 Panitch, Bill
$1,000 Aamlid, Jan Olav PNG
$1,000 Abbott, John PNG
$1,000 Casper, Michael   PNG
$1,000 PNG
$1,000 DeRoma, Matthew PNG
$1,000 Higgins, Bob PNG
$1,000 Jones, Harry PNG
$1,000 Kagin, Don PNG
$1,000 Kimmel, Andrew PNG
$1,000 Laibstain, Harry PNG
$1,000 Long, James PNG
$1,000 Lopresto, Sam PNG
$1,000 Lustig, Andrew PNG
$1,000 Massie, Dustin PNG
$1,000 McCawley, Chris PNG
$1,000 Milas, Ed PNG
$1,000 Montgomery, Paul PNG
$1,000 Rocky Mountain Coin PNG
$1,000 Rowe, Allen PNG
$1,000 Samuelson, Dana PNG
$1,000 Tomaska, Rick PNG
$1,000 Weinberg, Fred PNG
$1,000 Weygant, David PNG
$1,000 Albanese, Dave
$1,000 Bush, Tom
$1,000 Hinkelman, Ray & Phil
$1,000 Lee, Jack
$1,000 Lehman, Bob
$1,000 Lerner, Matt
$1,000 Moomjian, Cary
$1,000 Pasciuti, John
$1,000 Sego, James
$1,000 Shapiro, Larry
$1,000 Duskie, Gary PNG
$1,000 Merena, Raymond PNG
$2,000 DiGenova, Sil PNG
$2,000 Goldman, Ken PNG
$2,500 Carter, Jason PNG
$2,500 Downey, Sheridan PNG
$2,500 Feigenbaum, John PNG
$2,500 Gehringer, Steve PNG
$2,500 Herndon, Wayne PNG
$2,500 PNG PNG
$2,500 Stack’s PNG
$2,500 Whitman Publishing PNG
$2,500 Wnuck, David PNG
$2,500 Schweitz, Dave
$3,500 Nugget, Paul and PNG
Roberts, Greg and PNG
Glassman, Andrew PNG
Avena, Bobby PNG
$5,000 Lerner, Jonathan and PNG
Sperber, Laura
$5,000 Maben, John PNG
$5,000 Minshull, Lee PNG
$5,000 PCGS PNG
$5,000 Crabtree, Tom
$5,000 O’Connor, Joseph
$10,000 Dominick, Bill PNG
$10,000 Duncan, Kenny PNG
$10,000 Hall, David
$10,000 Heritage Auctions PNG
$10,000 Lipton, Kevin PNG
$10,000 Albanese, John

Total: $159,250


"The PNG has a long history of offering rewards to help catch thieves of numismatic property. Any theft of coins or bank notes affects the entire hobby and profession in one way or another. We must be vigilant in our security to prevent theft, but we must also come together to assist in the apprehension of criminals," said Robert Brueggeman, PNG Executive Director.


Anyone with information related to the case is encouraged to contact the investigating police officer for this case, Detective Christopher M. Keezer, of the Montville, Township, New Jersey Police Department at (973) 257-4112 or by e-mail at

Julian M. Leidman can be contacted at (301) 585-8467 or by e-mail at, and PNG Executive Director Brueggeman can be reached at (760) 728-1300 or by e-mail at

About the Professional Numismatists Guild

Founded in 1953, the Professional Numismatists Guild is a nonprofit trade association composed of the country’s top rare coin and paper money dealers who must adhere to a strict Code of Ethics in the buying and selling of numismatic merchandise.

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