Coin News: 1933 Gold Double Eagles, 9/11 Numismatic Catastroph, Ft. Knox Visit


Four numismatic news or coin blog articles are referenced on CoinNews every Tuesday and Thursday. These articles are not authored by us, but we recommend coin collectors read them for their unusual or interesting content. Here are today’s coin articles:

Rare Coins: Family Treasure or Ill-Gotten Goods?
John Schwartz | The New York Times

Roy Langbord had guessed that someone in his family might have hidden away a great treasure decades before, but not until his mother had him check a long-neglected safe-deposit box did he realize just how great it was. Inside the box, opened in 2003, he found an incredibly rare coin, wrapped in a delicate paper sleeve. It was a gold $20 piece with Lady Liberty on one side, a bald eagle flying across the other and, at Liberty’s left, the four digits that made it so valuable: 1933 …

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A Numismatic Catastrophe [on 9/11]
Ron Guth | PCGS

Imagine this nightmare scenario: Your bank, where your coins are stored in a safe deposit box, calls to tell you that the bank building collapsed and all that’s left is a pile of burning rubble. Plus, it will be months before you can recover anything from your box, assuming the box can be found. That’s exactly what happened to collector Paul Renda. You see, Paul’s coins were inside a box…inside a vault…inside a New York branch of JP Morgan Chase…inside a skyscraper…which was one of the twin towers known as the World Trade Center…

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Copper Record: $1,265,000 Price Achieved by Cent
Greg Reynolds | Numismatic News

The finest known 1795 large cent with a reeded edge sold for a record $1,265,000 Sept. 6. It was a highlight of the Dan Holmes collection of early large cents. This collection was auctioned by Ira and Larry Goldberg in association with Chris McCawley and Bob Grellman at the Beverly Hills Crowne Plaza …

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Gold all there when Ft. Knox opened doors
David L. Ganz | Numismatic News

America’s gold bullion depository at Ft. Knox, Ky., was built in the 1930s to be impregnable to enemy invasion, but 35 years ago on Sept. 23, 1974, it was invaded by 120 members of a press contingent that I was part of, and a dozen members of Congress and representatives of the Mint and Treasury Department. It remains a gold-letter day for those who made it to the "A" list and attended, and a bitter day for those who were not allowed into Ft. Knox, but even more so …

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