Coin News: Barber Quarter Values, Half Dimes, Proof Gold, Quarter Die Break


August 11: Four numismatic news or coin blog articles are referenced on CoinNews every Tuesday and Thursday. These articles are not authored by us, but we recommend coin collectors read them for their unusual or interesting content. Here are today’s coin articles:

Barber quarters excel
Steve Roach | Coin Values

On July 31 Heritage Auction Galleries offered the Steven Duckor Collection of Barber quarter dollars. While incomplete — it was missing two key issues: the 1901-S and 1896-S coins — it more than made up for that deficiency with the originality and quality of the rest. The Barber quarter dollar series is a popular set for collectors and can be completed in…

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Half Dimes a Good Buy
Tom LaMarre | Coins Magazine

Struck from 1794-1873, half dimes are a good buy. You can find Seated Liberty half dimes in Fine-12, dating back to the 1850s, for only $10. Many dates from the 1840s are valued at around $20 in Good-4. An early reference to half dimes appeared in the April 6, 1842, issue of the Tioga Eagle, published in Wellsboro, Pa. The newspaper reported, "The United States Branch Mint at New Orleans coined half dimes during the month of February."…

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One of 20: A Proof Gold Story
John Dale | Heritage Blog

"This issue has a mintage of only 20 pieces." That’s a sentence that can get a collector’s heart racing. Just 20 pieces… the number is so tiny, especially compared to the millions upon millions of coins struck every year, that it’s almost unfathomable how so few examples could be made. Yet in the context of the U.S. proof gold coinage of the 19th century, mintages in the double digits are the norm. Rarity itself is commonplace…

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Puerto Rican Quarter Die Break Not a Cloud
Ken Potter | Numismatic News

Jim Dawson of Florida sent in a 2009-P Puerto Rico quarter that shows multiple die chips and die breaks on the reverse. The most prominent is on the top of a cloud and folks on eBay have been offering these as having an "extra cloud." Please believe me, this is a die break and not a cloud…

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edwin duban

With regards of 20 pieces mintage of proof gold coin(1877) for display.Well the number is very low but the 1913 Liberty nickel is only 5 pieces another superlow. Then we jump to 1933 20$ gold coin that was sold for 7.6 millions US dollar consider one legal to own. All this coin that I mention is a very valuable and its cost a lots of money to real collector. How much do you think they will pay with 2 great leaders Pres. A.Lincoln(penny or cent) & Pres.F.D.Roosevelt (dime or 10 cents)accidentally minted. This coin has no duplicate with 2 fulldates… Read more »