Numismatic News: Lincoln Bootstrap Error, Victor David Brenner, Dealer Ethics


June 25: Four numismatic news or coin blog articles are referenced on CoinNews every Tuesday and Thursday. These articles are not authored by us, but we recommend coin collectors read them for their unusual or interesting content. Here are today’s coin articles:

Bootstrap Error Lincoln Cents in Circulation
Richard Giedroyc | HCC, Inc.

There are many minor error coins that can be found in circulation, but there are few error coins on which the error is both graphically visible and available in significant enough quantities to grab the interest of collectors as being a major variety. There may be such a major variety now appearing in circulation, this being a 2009-P Bootstrap Lincoln cent…

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The Lincoln penny designed by Ogunquit artist
Sharon Cummins |

The obstacles sculptor and medalist, Victor David Brenner, had to overcome to see his design for the Lincoln penny — finally minted in 1909 — were minor compared to challenges he faced in his native Lithuania before emigrating to America. Near the end of his career, Clara Whiteside, wife of well known artist Frank Reed Whiteside, interviewed Victor Brenner…

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Top 10 “Coin Dealer Ethics”
Susan’s Coins Blog | Coins

My “Coin Dealer Ethics” column is easily one of the most popular features on my site. This column explores ethical issues related to the buying and selling of coins. I pose an ethical question or dilemma, or lay out an event I witnessed, and readers are asked what they think about the way the coin dealer handled the situation. Occasionally I cover topics other than transactions, but the columns are always related to the ethics involved in some aspect of coin collecting…

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New Submission Center Opens in China

In Guangzhou, China, a new company has been established to operate a submission center for Certified Collectibles Group companies, NGC, NCS and PMG. Guangzhou National Standard Numismatic Collection Grading Co., Ltd opened formally in June 2009 and is now accepting submissions. The new organization is allied with the Guangdong Province Coin Collection Association, the most active and widely-known numismatic association in China…

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David Benoit

Has anyone noticed the bootstrap errors on Lincoln’s boots. It is like the extra leaf wisconsin quarter there are several variations there.
There are 5 variations I have found on the lincoln penny.
1. No bootstrap on the left boot
2. No bootstrap on either boot.
3. An extra bootstrap on the left boot
4. An extra bootstrap on the rightboot (not the extended strap)
5. Half straps on each boot

These are from the Philidelphia mint.