US Mint Updates 2009 Product Schedule


Mint Coin CalendarThe US Mint on Monday updated the release schedule for 2009 collector products.

More than half of the schedule still consists of general "summer," "fall," and "winter" release dates, several are classified as "To Be Determined," and a product originally set to launch this week was moved to July.

The Mint has its schedule available online. Here are actual dates posted for coin products set to launch in June and July:


Dates Coin Product Description
6/1/2009 2009 United States Mint Proof Set®
7/1/2009 First Spouse Series One-Half Ounce Gold Proof Coin – Letitia Tyler
7/1/2009 First Spouse Series One-Half Ounce Gold Uncirculated Coin – Letitia Tyler
7/1/2009 Letitia Tyler Bronze Medal 1 5/16”


The 2009 Proof Set was released on Monday. The Letitia Tyler First Spouse Gold Coins were originally set to be issued on Thursday, June 4.

It is not uncommon for the Mint to adjust release dates based on developing circumstances. In fact, the schedule does not always include all products released until after the fact. It simply provides a basic roadmap for collectors.

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