22 Coins, 10 Mummies May Lead to Cleopatra’s Tomb


A dig site where 22 ancient coins inscribed with Cleopatra’s name, an alabaster mask fragment resembling Mark Antony, and 10 mummies were discovered suggest Cleopatra’s lost tomb may be within reach, according to Egypt’s chief archeologist, Zahi Hawass.

Archaeologist found the coins and mask last year when excavating a 2,300 year-old temple built by Ptolemy II. The recent cemetery discoveries led to underground radar revealing three “important anomalies.”

The evidence has convinced Hawass that someone important is buried within temple, and possibly the famous lovers.


"We think this is really a perfect place for Cleopatra and Mark Antony to be hidden," Hawass said.


Mark Antony and Cleopatra challenged Caesar Augustus for control of the Roman Empire two millenium ago. Their armies were defeated and the two lovers committed suicide. The historian Plutarch said Caesar allowed them to be buried together. The tomb, however, was lost in history.


“In my opinion, if this tomb is found it will be one of the most important discoveries of the 21st century because of the love between Cleopatra and Mark Antony, and because of the sad story of their death,” Hawass said.


The temple is located 30 miles west of Egypt’s ancient seaside capital of Alexandria.

Two videos — one from Reuters and the other from the AP — are included above.

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