Numismatic News Headlines – Apr 14


Four numismatic news or coin blog articles are referenced on CoinNews every Tuesday and Thursday. These articles are not authored by us, but we recommend coin collectors read them for their unusual or interesting content. Here are today’s articles:

New penny’s slow start in circulation increases value
Laura Petrecca | USA TODAY

The penny, often picked on for its piddly value, has found some self worth in 2009. The 2009 Lincoln cent — slow to spread into consumers’ pockets — is being sold for big bucks. Single coins have fetched more than $1 each. Fifty-cent rolls have frequently ranged from…

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Historic hoard of James VI coins valued at £50,000

The 400 year old gold “unites” – minted after James VI of Scotland became the first Stuart king of England in 1603 – were found while digging the foundations for a block of flats in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire…

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Notes are a collectible you can take to the bank
By Jill Anding | The Times-Picayune

A $10 bank note, dated 1929 and issued by the Whitney National Bank of New Orleans, and a $5 note, dated 1929 and issued by The American National Bank and Trust of Mobile, Ala…

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The tale of two shows

By Mark Ferguson | Coin Values

Big spenders and low-budget collectors alike frequently ask the same question: How is the market doing? The sheer size of the U.S. coin hobby means no single response will cover every segment. Two recent shows illustrate how expectations and knowing what customers want can make all the difference in how the market is perceived…

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