Lincoln Silver Dollars and Cent Rolls Sell Out


The uncirculated Lincoln Silver Dollar sold out Tuesday, the Lincoln Cent Birthplace Rolls sold out Thursday, and the proof Lincoln dollar joined the sellout list Friday morning.

Lincoln Bicentennial Coins - Silver Dollars and Birthplace Lincoln Cent

For the desperate minded collector, an attempt may still be made to place an order for the proof coin on the US Mint’s website. However, visitors to the online page will be greeted with a "Waiting List Notice" and language saying orders will not be processed unless an older one is cancelled. That same notice was placed on the uncirculated Lincoln dollar page for nearly two days, until it was removed Thursday — hours before the Lincoln two-roll sets sold out. [Editor’s note: the coins have officially sold out, with the waiting list option unavailable.]

The Lincoln bicentennial coins have proven to be exceptionally popular with collectors. 450,000 Lincoln commemorative silver dollars have been purchased since they were launched by the Mint on February 12. Then in less than two weeks time, 96,000 Lincoln Cent two-roll sets were sold out — the birthplace cent rolls went on sale Friday, March 13.

Collectors will have another clear shot at the proof Lincoln $1s. It will be featured in a five-coin proof set to include proofs of the four 2009 Lincoln Pennies. The US Mint product release schedule lists "summer" as the availability date for the 50,000 limited mintage sets.

Eyes will now focus more intently on the secondary market, and most notably coin auction sites, to buy the Lincolns. There is a very large range of choices and prices — from graded to non — on places like eBay. As examples, here are eBay auctions links for each coin:

Uncirculated Lincoln Silver Dollars on eBay

Proof Lincolns Silver Dollars on eBay

2009 Lincoln Birthplace Cents on eBay

Of course the option still remains for the cents to be discovered in change and local banks. However, reports are still barren of findings in many parts of the country despite their release into circulation on Feb. 12.

Have you found any of the new Lincoln log cabin design cents in pocket change? If so, please say where in comment form below!

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I got one in some change from a grocery store March 23rd in Smithfield, North Carolina. I ordered five of each roll from the mint though.

Charles Schwartz

I would like to express my displeasure with the way that The U.S. Mint abruptly ceased the availability of the 2009 “Birthplace” Lincoln Cent Two-Roll Set after only 13 days! I have no idea why the Mint decided to do this, but they are doing a great disservice to customers like myself who were planning on purchasing these coin rolls. Because of the low production numbers of the “Birthplace” Lincoln Cent Two-Roll Set and the abrupt end of availability from the Mint, they are now only available from aftermarket sources who are charging anywhere from $75 to $150 for these… Read more »


Yes. I received two: one in change from a convenient store and the other from a pharmacy.
Both are P-mint coins.


The Lincoln Penny roll-out is a total bust!! All I want is to let my niece and nephew take some to school for Easter. I was going to make a nice Lincoln-History card and place an ’08 & ’09 inside attached in coin bags. The kids love when I bring them “Special Money” and I wanted them to share this joy with their classmates. After realizing there was no way to get the rolls from banks in time, I ordered the over-priced mint rolls and was willling to break them up. I was promised 4/3 ship date which has now… Read more »

Richard Long

I was very disappointed in the way the Mint handled the minting and the release of the Lincoln Commemorative Dollar and pennies. I thought the purpose of the the mint was to mint coins for the public….not to make a killing off of them. The same goes for the big mint institutions. They seem to have unlimited access to all the coins that are minted and the only way the public can obtain them is to pay the exhorbitant prices they charge. Collecting coins used to be a hobby that anyone could afford. No longer! Now the only ones who… Read more »


In response to BrianV. Brian, you can order $2 bills and Eisenhower dollars from a bank that is willing to make the request. You will need to have an account with the branch and find a teller who is willing to process the order. I order $2 bills from the Affinity Federal Credit Union and Ike Dollars from Wachovia. I am sure there are other banks willing to do the same but you have to take the initiative and be persistant. Best of luck and happy hunting.

Ethel Cummins

I know this person who has what appears to be a 2009 Lincoln penny, with a log cabin on the back. All others I have seen like this have been made of copper, but this one appears to be made from silver. I have searched on the internet for something like this but nothing has turned up. Is it possible that an error could have been made like this? Maybe someone could give me a clue as to where to search next.


Not sure how they ended up in my possession buy I recently noticed I had two Lincoln coins, right now the log cabin is the only one I can find. Live in California visiting family in iowa