Numismatic News and Blog Headlines – Mar 10


Four numismatic articles are referenced on CoinNews every Tuesday and Thursday. These articles are not authored by us, but we recommend collectors read them for their unusual or interesting content. Here are today’s articles:

Cash In A Mattress? No, Gold In The Closet.
By Lisa Miller, NEWSWEEK

A hundred-ounce gold bar, when you hold it in your hand, is surprisingly small and even more surprisingly heavy. It’s somewhat longer and fatter than a Hershey bar, but it weighs six-plus pounds—as much as your old calculus textbook. Its color is unforgettable. Pure gold is gold.

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Story of Fakes Gets New Chapter in China
By F. Michael Fazzari, Numismatic News

Our hobby is under attack in a way that calls for some drastic changes in order to protect the marketplace from a new plague of deceptive counterfeits. In two columns, I’ll trace earlier generations of bogus coins, explore some of the new fakes from China and suggest some possible ways to remedy the problem of these counterfeits.

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Swindling hopes to bring youth to Board
Numismatic News

Jeff Swindling has announced his candidacy for a seat on the American Numismatic Association Board of Governors. "I think it’s time the Board had a more youthful member to help guide the ANA into the future," Swindling said. "With youth often comes fresh perspective, creativity and problem solving abilities totally different from established thought processes."

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Ancient Arab coins from Viking-era discovered
By Raneem Al-Saaidi, Yemen Observer

Swedish archaeologists discovered a rare cache of Viking-era Arab silver coins near Stockholm’s Arlanda airport last April. The site, which has been dated to the early Iron Age, has been found to contain around 470 coins. The ages of the coins vary from the 7th to the 9th centuries, a period during which Viking traders travelled widely.

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