WWI: 90th Anniversary £5 Silver Proof Coin Series


The British Royal Mint has produced a series of 18 sterling silver proof coins commemorating the 90th anniversary of the end of World War I. The coins are issued under the authorities of Alderney, the Cayman Islands and the Solomon Islands and have a total collection limit of just 5,000.

WWI: 90th Anniversary £5 Silver Proof Coin, Recruitment theme by Royal Mint

According to the Mint, the commemorative themes were "designed by the Royal Mint Design Team, drawing inspiration from the art and literature of those who experienced the war first hand and from their own visit to the battlefields of France and Belgium."

The 18 coin designs depict: Recruitment, Over the Top, Industrialisation of War: Tanks, Ypres/Passchendaele, Propaganda, Remembrance, Allies, Industrialisation of War: Guns, Eastern Front, Christmas, Home Front: Munitions, Gallipoli, Industrialisation of War: Gas, Trench Life, Sea Blockades, Women at War: Hospitals, Armistice: Foch’s Railway Carriage, Return Home.

The Mint launched the series with a special £22.50 price for the first coin, a savings of £22.45. The remaining coins are £44.95 each with deliveries scheduled every 28 days. (See International Currency Converter.)

Mint promotional materials highlight the following additional benefits to the series:

  • Each coin is struck in sterling silver to magnificent Proof quality
  • Secure a unique numismatic record of the First World War
  • Delight in receiving one coin every 28 days until your collection is complete
  • An interesting Memorabilia Gift Pack will accompany your first coin
  • A beautiful wooden presentation case will accompany your sixth coin
  • Each coin comes with its own factual and illustrated Storycard, telling the story behind the coin’s reverse design
  • Commissioned by the issuing authorities of the Channel Islands of Alderney, the Cayman Islands and Solomon Islands 
  • You will receive a number of additional complimentary gifts throughout your collection.

For more information or to order the coins, follow The Royal Mint page:

WWI: The 90th Anniversary £5 Silver Proof Series

About the Royal Mint

The Royal Mint is a department of government and its primary responsibility remains the provision of the United Kingdom coinage. Its reputation, however, extends beyond this and internationally it has a reputation for making some fascinating coins for over 100 countries.

The history of the Royal Mint itself stretches back over 1100 years. There is an unbroken link from the scattered workshops of the moneyers of Anglo-Saxon London to a single mint within the Tower of London, from a purpose-built premises at Tower Hill to the huge modern coining plant in South Wales.

In April 1975 the Mint was established as a Government Trading Fund, operationally very similar to a government-owned company.

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