Numismatic Blog and News Headlines – October 30, 2008


Four numismatic articles are referenced on CoinNews every Tuesday and Thursday. These articles are not authored by us, but we recommend collectors read them for their unusual or interesting content. Here are today’s articles:

Treasure hunters set to coin it with Roman haul
By Laura Hannam, MK News

As the credit crunch hits pensioners across the country one pair have hit the jackpot by finding buried treasure. The finders of a hoard of thousands of Roman coins agree with the words inscribed on them; ‘happy times are here again’. The collection of bronze coins, which may be worth hundreds of thousands in sterling, were discovered in a field north of Newport Pagnell…

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A Bully Birthday
By Scott Barman, Coin Collector’s Blog

For us numismatists, Roosevelt initiated the "Golden Age of American Coin Design." Using his bully pulpit, he held the designs of the US Mint’s Chief Engraver Charles E. Barber in contempt and ordered coinage whose designs were more than 25 years old to be redesigned. Roosevelt was a fan of sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens and asked Saint-Gaudens to redesign the small cent.

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Revisiting 2008-W Silver Eagles Reverse of 2007
By Michael Zielinski, Mint News Blog

One of the top numismatic stories this year was the discovery of the 2008-W Silver Eagle Reverse of 2007 Variety. The Reverse of 2007 variety is most easily distinguished by the shape of the "U" of "United States." Coins with the Reverse of 2007 will have a bowl shaped "U." Coins with the regular reverse will have a spur on the right side of the letter. Other differences include the configuration of the stars and spacing between the words "Silver" and "One."

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Mint Stats: Focus intense on platinum ‘W’ fractionals
By David C. Harper, Numismatic News

Online comments indicate intense focus on the uncirculated "W" fractional platinum mintages. The totals are still small, but some of them went up a lot in percentage terms. The tenth ounce is off sale.

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