Heritage Presents 6000 Lot Currency Auction at Long Beach in September


Dallas, TX: Heritage Auction Galleries, the official auctioneer of the Long Beach Coin, Stamp & Collectible Expo, will conduct a 6,000+ lot Currency Signature® Auction on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, September 17-19, 2008 at the Long Beach Convention Center, 100 South Pine Ave., Long Beach, California.

Currency highlights from Heritage's 6000 Lot Auction at September Long Beach Coin, Stamp & Collectible Exposition

The Convention Center is also the site of the Long Beach Coin, Stamp & Collectible Show, as well as the location for lot viewing for all Heritage auctions. Nearly 2,000 of the lots will be included as part of the online session.

“The auction is anchored by the impressive $5mm+ Jupiter Collection and the Dr. Edward and Joanne Dauer Collection of Demand Notes,” said Dustin Johnston, Consignment Director for Dallas-based Heritage. “Other notable collections include offerings from the Albert Rollins Collection, The Norman Collection, The Sandpoint Collection of Idaho Nationals, and another installment from the Collection of a Louisiana Gentleman.”

“Wednesday evening’s session will open with more than 300 Colonials anchored by the Collection of a Louisiana Gentleman,” Johnston said, “and will then continue on move to a selection of more than 400 Obsoletes, including a complete denomination set of PMG graded Kirtland Safety Society Mormon Notes, and many high grade Proofs.

Confederate Notes, MPC’s, Canadian Currency, Encased Postage, and Fractional Currency will round out the evening.  Perhaps the most important highlight of this session is one of Canada’s most coveted rarities, a newly discovered DC-19 1911 $500 ‘Queen Mary’ graded Very Fine 20 by PMG.”

Johnston continued, “Session Two, which kicks off early Thursday evening, will feature over 800 National Banks Notes, including some of the most exciting discovery notes of the year.

The Fr. 399 1865 $5 Original Ch. 2130 First NB Red Oak, IA Serial Number One with Black Charter Numbers, a Fr. 618 1902 $10 Date Back Ch. (P) 9512 The Peoples NB National City, CA Serial Number One, and a Fr. 616 1902 $10 Date Back Ch. (S) 7740 Claiborne NB of Tazewell, TN, will all be offered to collectors for the first time.

The Tazewell note is the first reported note from this locale, and the Black Charter Number, Serial Number One note is the only Black Charter serial number one example known to exist.”

“The Sandpoint Collection of Idaho Nationals is one of the finest collections of notes from that state to appear at auction in years,” Johnston said. “Also on offer is a group of twelve Colorado Territorial notes from the collection of the late Frederick R. Mayer.”

“Friday afternoon offers a diverse offering of Small Size Notes and one of the most impressive offerings of Error notes in years,” said Johnston. “A number of rarities last seen in the 1946 Grinnell Auction are once again being offered to collectors, including a Bay Shore, NY $10 1902 Date Back with mismatched Charter Numbers.

The ultimate of Suffix mismatches was recently discovered and will be offered in this session. It is a 1988A $1 Web Federal Reserve Note with a mismatched F-*/F-L serial number. A newly discovered 1928B $2 Legal Tender Star graded PMG Fine 15 will be part of the Small Size section, as well as one of only two known 1928 $500 Star Notes, a Fr. 2200-D* $500 1928 Federal Reserve Note graded PMG Very Fine 25 Net. The recently discovered Fr. 2221-F 1934 $5000 Federal Reserve Note PMG Choice Extremely Fine 45 Net is one of two known and will also be offered.”

“The Dr. Edward and Joanne Dauer Collection of Demand Notes opens the Friday night Large Size session,” Johnston said, “and includes two unique notes, a Fr. 9a 1861 $10 Demand Note graded  PMG Very Fine 30 and a  Fr. 11a 1861 $20 Demand Note graded PMG Choice Fine 15 Net. Next, the Jupiter Collection will be sold and includes an impressive selection of Large Size and Small Size rarities, including the Fr. 1219b $1000 Gold Certificate PMG Very Fine 25 and the Fr. 1192a $50 Gold Certificate PMG Very Fine 25. Both notes are unique.

Among the Jupiter Collection Small Size rarities is a Fr. 2407 1928 $500 Gold Certificate PMG Gem Uncirculated 66 EPQ, two $5000’s and two $10000’s. Each of the notes in this collection was selected because it is Gem in quality, one of the finest available for the type, or exceedingly rare.

Prior to the rest of the large size session, one of the finest offerings of Hawaiian Proof notes will be sold, including a Hawaiian Islands $500 (1879) Pick 5 Proof, one of only two known. Nearly 1000 Large Size notes appealing to all price ranges will follow the Hawaiian Proofs.”

“The last session will be available online only for bidding,” Johnston added, “and will feature nearly 2000 collector oriented pieces from all of the different areas of currency featured in sessions one through four. The dates and times for the conclusion of Online Session bidding will be determined in the next week, so please watch our website, www.HA.com, for more information.”

“When the last note is sold in Session Four,” Johnston said, “the total prices realized may well exceed the all-time record set in April 2008 at our Central States Currency Signature® Auction.”

Highlights from Heritage’s September Long Beach Coin, Stamp & Collectible Exposition

Kirtland, OH- Kirtland Safety Society Anti-Banking Co. $1 Jan. 4, 1837 G2 Wolka 1422-01 Rust 12:



DC-19 $500 1911:



Red Oak, IA – $5 Original Black Charter Number Fr. 399 The First NB Ch. # 2130:



National City, CA – $10 1902 Date Back Fr. 618 The Peoples NB Ch. # (P )9512:



Tazewell, TN – $10 1902 Date Back Fr. 616 The Claiborne NB Ch. # (S)7740:



Bay Shore, NY – $10 1902 Date Back Fr. 619 The First NB Ch. # (E)10029 /(E)10026:



Fr. 1917-F $1 1988A Federal Reserve Web Note. Mismatched Suffix F-*/F-L PCGS Extremely Fine 40PPQ:



Fr. 1503* $2 1928B Legal Tender Note. PMG Choice Fine 15:



Fr. 2200-D* $500 1928 Federal Reserve Note. PMG Very Fine 25 Net:



Fr. 2221-F $5000 1934 Light Green Seal Federal Reserve Note. PMG Choice Extremely Fine 45 Net:



Fr. 9a $10 1861 Demand Note PMG Very Fine 30:



Fr. 11a $20 1861 Demand Note PMG Choice Fine 15 NET:



Fr. 1219b $1000 1907 Gold Certificate PMG Very Fine 25:



Fr. 1192a $50 1882 Gold Certificate PMG Very Fine 25:



Fr. 2407 $500 1928 Gold Certificate. PMG Gem Uncirculated 66 EPQ:



Hawaiian Islands $500 Silver Certificate (1879) Pick 5 Face and Back Proofs:



All of the lots are illustrated in color on the Heritage web site, which may be found at www.HA.com/Currency.

If you are interested in selling your collection in this greatly anticipated auction, contact one of our Currency Specialists at 1-800-872-6467, Ext. 1001.

About Heritage Auction Galleries

Heritage Auction Galleries is the world’s third largest auction house, and by far the largest auctioneer of rare collectibles, with annual sales over $600 million, and 375,000+ registered online bidder members. For more information about Heritage’s auctions, and to join and gain access to a complete record of prices realized, along with full-color, enlargeable photos of each lot, please visit www.HA.com.

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