CCAC Announces Appointment of Roger W. Burdette, Seeks to Fill Open Position


Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, Jr., has selected Roger W. Burdette to serve a four-year term on the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC). Burdette fills the committee position requiring "special qualifications in numismatics."

According to a United States Mint statement, Burdette is:


A life-long numismatist who has written numerous articles and a series of three critically acclaimed books titled Renaissance of American Coinage. Mr. Burdette holds a Bachelors of Science degree and a Masters of Science degree, both in Education, from the University of Maryland.


The CCAC is tasked to review and advise the Treasury Secretary on themes and design proposals for circulating coinage, commemorative coins, bullion coinage, Congressional Gold Medals and other medals.

There are 11-members on the CCAC. Each has a specific qualification or purpose:

  • one specially qualified in numismatic collection curation;
  • one specially qualified in the medallic arts or sculpture;
  • one specially qualified in American history;
  • one specially qualified in numismatics;
  • three individuals representing the interests of the general public;
  • and four individuals recommended by the Leadership of both the House of Representatives and Senate.

CCAC seeking applications for member to represent the general public

The CCAC also announced that they are seeking applications to fill an open position for a member representing "the interests of the public." The application process is open until August 22, 2008.

Interested parties are directed to "submit a letter, along with a resume or curriculum vitae, detailing specific educational credentials, skills, talents and experience."

Applications should be faxed to 202-756-6525, or mailed to the United States Mint, 801 9th St., N.W., Washington, DC 20220, Attn: Greg Weinman.

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