Couple Pays Taxes with 1,700 Sacagawea Coins


Sacagawea Golden Dollar coinsThere is no enjoyment in paying taxes. But since they must be paid, why not make the best of the moment with a slight touch of protest? That was the apparent thinking of a Tennessee couple at least.

Instead of sending their property tax payment through the mail, the Tennessee couple paid the bill using 1,700 Sacagawea Golden Dollars. It wasn’t all bad. At least the clerks at the Knox County Trustee’s Office didn’t have to sort the coins. They were already in $25 coin rolls.

On the other hand, transporting the coins will take a bit of a workout. Each Sacagawea $1 coin weighs 8.1 grams. With 1,700 of them, the total weight comes in at 13.8 kilograms or 30.4 pounds.

To find out why the couple paid their taxes in coins, watch this video report.

Or, read this short embedded Newscom article titled, Couple pays taxes with coins:


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