Ancient 800 Year-Old Chinese Merchant Ship Raised in South China Sea


Chinese archaeologists have raised an 800 year-old merchant ship built during the Song dynasty (960-1279). It’s dubbed the "Titanic of China" and before sinking, it was hauling a treasure trove of porcelain, gold, jewels and other artifacts, including 6,000 coins.

The treasure ship, officially labeled Nanhai No. 1, or “South China Sea No. 1,” was discovered 82 ft (25m) below water in a bed of mud. That mud helped to preserve the ancient ship and its contents for all these years.

Thousands of artifacts have been recovered and the remarkable next phase has already occurred – the Nanhai 1 was lifted from the sea floor and loaded onto a cargo ship.

It’s destined to arrive at its future home, a glass sea water house that was specially designed to preserve the ship while archaeologists continue their work.

The BBC News video takes a look at the cage used to haul Nanhai 1 above water, shows its destination as well as some of the archaeological porcelain finds.

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