The Mystery of the Missing Coin Stash


An early Northeastern settler back in the late 1700’s heard of an approaching Indian attack. Instead of packing up his gold and silver coins, he decided to bury them for later retrieval.

The man, John Johnson, didn’t escape but instead was captured along with his family. They all spent several years as captives, but were fortunately later freed.

Unfortunately, Johnson’s luck still wasn’t on his side. He returned to his home and couldn’t remember where he had buried the gold and silver coins. Imagine that one…

The tale takes a further spin south. One of Johnson’s daughters was with him when he hid the coins. She couldn’t remember where they were either.

Worse, the unsuccessful attempts at finding the stash eventually lead Johnson to believe she took them. No such luck for her – it was untrue.

Flash forward to the early 1900’s and a man cultivating a corn field. Guess what he finds?

For that, you’ll have to read the excellent article written by Mark Simonson over at The Daily Star. The article is named, Mystery of missing coins solved 125 years later.

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