Bullion Price Recap: Precious Metals Affect Coin Sales


It’s been an interesting week for precious metals. In particular, the flurry in gold has many experts now predicting it’ll soon eclipse the all-time high. In the same instance, many are hedging their bets by declaring the possibility of an eventual and painful price correction.

Above is the CoinNews.net chart showing this week’s London Fix prices for silver, gold and platinum.

On Monday, November 5, the United States Mint suspended gold American Eagle Uncirculated coins once again due to bullion prices. Those are still on hold, but a day later the Mint resumed sales of platinum American Eagle Uncirculated coins, which they had suspended back on October 10.

Don’t forget, while you’re reading coin articles here you can also check out CoinNews.net’s live silver, gold and platinum price page.

Or, if you’re wondering how silver prices have affected the bullion value within coins, use CoinNews.net’s Silver Coin Calculator and chart.

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