Senseless Fashion: Gold Coin Clothing Worth $1.2M, but Weight a Backbreaker


There’s no reason you need to feel like a million dollars if you can wear it – literally. But the burning question has to be… why?

Well, for the sake of fashion. Naturally!

If you have over 1500 gold coins worth $1.2 Million and you’re a fashion designer, you might as well go for broke and sew them up into a getup or two.

That’s exactly what a student did at Bunka Fashion College, a prestigious Japanese fashion design college in Shinjuka, Tokyo.

If truth be told, the student did a bang-up job on the dress. It looks rather impressive and you can even hear the jingle of coins along the runway. (Check out the Reuters news video.)

However, gold coins – fortuitously provided by the Austrian Mint – are just a tad bit on the heavy side and seriously back-straining.

Too bad! That means similar dresses or jackets won’t likely be seen around the town.

Much to the dismay of fashion lovers and, I daresay, pickpocket tradesman…

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