Ancient Roman Coins Found in Blacksmith’s Home


Imagine hiding over 4500 coins in the wall of your home, never to see them again. That’s apparently what happened to a blacksmith way back in the 4th century.

Earlier this month, Archaeologists were excavating a dig site in northeastern Portugal when they uncovered the ancient Roman coins within the wall of a blacksmith’s home.

The blacksmith had the coins within a sack. The coins escaped the strains of time, but the sack didn’t. It disintegrated.

Interestingly, the site archaeologists are excavating not only includes the blacksmith’s home, but also a spa and another house with heated rooms.

More informational about this story and other archaeological discoveries can be found at Archaeology News.

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[…] this month there was the account of ancient roman coins found within a blacksmith’s wall in Portugal. Now, there’s another case of rare coins found in an old home and wall in […]