ANA Terminates Executive Director


Executive Director Christopher Cipoletti was fired by the American Numismatic Association, a 32,000 member-strong nonprofit organization serving coin collectors. Cipoletti was also terminated as the ANA’s general legal counsel.

The ANA’s nine-member board of governors voted Cipoletti’s ouster, but gave no specific reason. Barry Stuppler, president of the board, stated in an ANA press release that one couldn’t be provided because it was a personnel mater. However, he also added:

"We felt there was adequate cause to fire him."

While Cipoletti held his position, the ANA experienced several incidents that members didn’t expect from a strong nonprofit organization. Cipoletti was the Executive Director since January of 2003 and the ANA’s legal counsel since 1998.

For a deeper look into the board proceedings that resulted in Cipoletti’s firing, you can listen to the 1-1/4 hour long ANA Board of Governors Open Session audio file.

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