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July 31, 2013

in US Mint Product Schedule

Twelve numismatic products are scheduled for release in August by the United States Mint.

US Mint Product Releases for August

Several US Mint products for release in August

There are two unique items in addition to series continuations in Presidential $1 products and America the Beautiful Quarters and silver coins.

This Coin News Extra article offers prices and summary production information for each of the products. But first, here is a table showing those tagged with an August release date.

United States Mint Product Schedule for August 2013

Release Dates* Numismatic Product
8/05/2013 2013 5-Star Generals Profiles Collection
8/06/2013 2013 William Howard Taft Presidential $1 Coin Cover
8/08/2013 2013-W Reverse Proof American Buffalo Gold Coin
8/15/2013 2013 Presidential $1 Four-Coin Sets
8/26/2013 2013 Fort McHenry Quarters in Rolls, Sets and Bags
8/29/2013 2013-P Fort McHenry Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin


*Release dates in the US Mint’s August product schedule are subject to change. Sales start at noon Eastern Time on the day a product becomes available. Orders may be placed through the Mint website at or by phone at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). An added benefit to ordering online in August and in September is the savings. The US Mint has a free shipping promotion during the two months for all web orders. Normally, standard shipping for a domestic order is $4.95.

Provided below are brief descriptions of the pending releases:

8.5.2013 – 5-Star Generals Profiles Collection

Coin Category: Commemorative Coins | Price: $74.95

To start August, the US Mint has its 5-Star Generals Profiles Collection. This is a unique commemorative product that is limited to 50,000.

Found in the collection is an uncirculated 5-Stars Generals Silver Dollar, an uncirculated 5-Star Generals Clad Half Dollar and a bronze replica of the 1962 General MacArthur Congressional Gold Medal. These are mounted into packaging that is easel in style with tabbed pages describing each of the generals and their military background.

The price of the collection, at $74.95, is almost $3 cheaper than the cost of the combined price of separately buying the silver dollar and the clad half dollar. The bronze medal is not sold by itself.

8.6.2013 – William Howard Taft Presidential $1 Coin Cover

Coin Category: Presidential $1 Coins | Price: $19.95

The 27th Presidential $1 Coin Cover becomes available on August 6, 2013. This cover, limited to 20,000, has two mounted William Howard Taft Presidential $1 Coins. One is from the Denver Mint and the other is from the Philadelphia a Mint. Both are struck to circulating-quality and are from the first day the two facilities produced them — February 6 for the dollar from Denver and February 11 for the dollar from Philadelphia.

8.8.2013 – Reverse Proof Gold Buffalo

Coin Category: Gold Coins | Price: TBD

The most unique and perhaps the most awaited product for the month is the Reverse Proof Gold Buffalo from the West Point Mint. The series of 24-karat Gold Buffalo coins has been released annually since 2006. They feature obverse and reverse designs by James Earle Fraser that first appeared on 1913 nickels.

Earlier this year, the US Mint released the standard annual proof Gold Buffalo like it has since 2006. This new coin due out on the 8th is different from these prior releases. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Fraser’s design, the US Mint created a special reverse proof version of the Gold Buffalo.

"Reversing the mirror-like background finish of the traditional proof coin and applying it instead to the design elements of the coin achieves a magnificent visual contrast against the uniquely frosted background," the Mint describes.

Because the Reverse Proof Gold Buffalo has an ounce of gold, its price will not be set until the day before its release. Also, the price can change up to weekly if the market value of gold changes significantly.

8.15.2013 – 2013 Presidential $1 Four-Coin Set

Coin Category: Presidential $1 Coins | Price: $12.95

Debuting on August 15, 2013 are two 2013 Presidential $1 Four-Coin Sets. One is from the United States Mint facility in Denver and the other one is from the United States Mint facility in Philadelphia.

Each set is limited to 15,000 and contains four circulating-quality dollars depicting former presidents. Presidents on 2013 dollars feature William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft and Woodrow Wilson.

8.26.2013 – Fort McHenry Quarters in Rolls, Sets and Bags

Coin Category: America the Beautiful Quarters | Price: Variable

On August 26, 2013, the Fort McHenry quarter in circulating-quality will be available in six product options that vary in quantities and by the U.S. Mint facility making them — the Denver Mint, Philadelphia Mint or San Francisco Mint.

Quantities include single rolls of 40 quarters, two-roll sets for 80 quarters, three-roll sets with 120 quarters and bags filled with 100 quarters. Prices range from $18.95 to $46.95.

The Fort McHenry quarter is the fourth for issue this year and the 19th overall in the series of America the Beautiful Quarters that started in 2010.

8.29.2013 – Fort McHenry Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin

Coin Category: America the Beautiful Silver Coins | Price: $154.95

Featuring designs exactly like the quarters of the same name, the Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine Five Ounce Uncirculated Silver Coin launches on August 29, 2013.

This collectible coin has 5 ounces of 99.9% pure silver and is minted to a large diameter of three inches. It has a mintage limit of 25,000.

The Fort McHenry coin will be the second America the Beautiful silver coin to debut at $154.95. The recently released Great Basin coin also opened at the price. The first 2013-dated ATB silver coin, however, started at $179.95. Lower prices came on July 11, 2013 when the US Mint cut silver coin prices to better reflect the lower value of silver.

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