US Mint Product Schedule

2014 Anniversary Kennedy Set, Gold Coins and Quarter Set in July

The United States Mint will offer a unique range of products in July to include the first of the 2014 First Spouse Gold Coins, the first 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Set, and a set for young numismatists featuring a 2014 Baseball coin.

Then there are normal annually issued products like an uncirculated set of America the Beautiful Quarters and coin cover with Presidential $1 Coins […]

Arches National Park Quarters and Hoover $1 Coins in June

June is a fairly quiet month for the United States Mint with all product releases featuring two new coin designs, either that of Arches National Park in Utah or the portrait of President Herbert Hoover.

According to the U.S. Mint’s product schedule, the main releases for the month include rolls and bags of Arches quarters and rolls, bags and boxes of Hover $1 coins […]

2014 Mint Set, Gold Coins, $1s and Shenandoah 5 Oz Coins for May

The month of May will include some highly anticipated products from the U.S. Mint. Numismatic releases include two Presidential $1 Coin products, two gold coins — the proof Gold Buffalo and uncirculated Gold Eagle, the five-ounce Shenandoah National Park silver coin and the annual United States Mint Uncirculated Coin Set® that most collectors call the "Mint Set" […]

American Eagles, $1s, Quarters and Silver Coins for April

Coin collectors have several major releases to consider from the United States Mint in April as the product schedule for the month offers some of the most popular annual numismatic issues.

First up, 2014-W American Eagle Gold Proof Coins make their debut in early April as they become available on the 3rd of the month […]

2014 Baseball Coins, Shenandoah Quarters in March Product Schedule

March is an exceptionally busy month for the hobby of numismatics. The United States has major releases on its product schedule and many coin collectors looking forward to getting their hands on them.

Topping the list of anticipated releases is the annually issued clad Proof Set and the curved shaped 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins […]

Harding $1s, Quarters Set and Kennedy Halves in Feb. Product Schedule

Warren Harding Presidential $1 Coins, a three-coin set of Great Smoky Mountains Quarters and Kennedy half-dollars are the main February products from the United States Mint, according to its online product schedule.

Prices of these products range from a low of $9.95 to as high as $275.95 […]

Silver Dollars, Quarters and Sets in US Mint Jan. Product Schedule

The United States Mint has listed a total of twelve different numismatic products to be issued in January according to its online product schedule.

Among releases are two annual sets offered as part of the Mint’s America the Beautiful Quarters® Program. The first is the […]

2014 US Mint Product List & Prices

An updated United States Mint schedule offers a preliminary catalogue of prices and release months for the vast majority of its 2014 products.

Its listing has virtually all of the coins, sets, rolls, bags and covers scheduled for release, though there is likely to be a few upcoming additions […]

December Product Schedule | Presidential $1s and First Spouse Coins

A dozen different products will be released by the United States Mint in December, according to its online product schedule.

These products are mostly related or issued as a part of two different series, the Presidential $1 Coin Program and the First Spouse Gold Coin Program […]

November Product Schedule | Mt. Rushmore Quarters, Coins Lead

Collectors will have many numismatic items to choose from in November as the United States Mint has more than a dozen listed on its product schedule.

Of those, four mark the debut of 2013-dated First Spouse Gold Coins. Another seven are offered in the America the Beautiful Quarters and five ounce silver coin programs […]