Gold Coins

2012-W $10 Proof American Gold Eagle Coin

The second of four individual 2012-W Proof American Gold Eagles has sold out. The one-quarter ounce size denominated in $10 is no longer available, joining the larger quarter-ounce size denominated in $25 that sold out in November.

On April 19, 2012, the United States Mint released five products featuring the proof Gold Eagles […]

American Eagle gold bullion coins

Today, Jan. 2. 2013, the United States Mint began accepting orders from distributors for 2013 American Eagle gold bullion coins.

Sales kicked off strong with every size rising. U.S. Mint bullion products sell through a network of distributors named "Authorized Purchasers." These APs buy in bulk from the U.S. Mint and then resell to […]

2013 American Gold Eagle Bullion Coin

Newly 2013-dated American Gold Eagle bullion coins in one-ounce, half-ounce, quarter-ounce and tenth-ounce sizes debut very early next month. The U.S. Mint will begin accepting orders for the 22-karat gold coins on January 2, 2013.

Inventories of 2013 bullion coins have been building since November as the U.S. Mint prepares for orders through its […]

2012-W $25 Proof American Gold Eagle Coin

This week marks the first sell-out in the lineup of 2012-W Proof American Gold Eagles. The individual 2012-W $25 Proof Gold Eagle Coin is low listed by the U.S. Mint as sold out.

2012-dated proof Gold Eagles were released on April 19, 2012. They were made available in four individually sold coins of varying sizes, plus a four-coin set containing all of them […]

Alice Paul Suffragist Gold Coins

Following a delay in release due to production problems, the U.S. Mint on October 11, 2012 released the inaugural 2012 First Spouse Gold Coins honoring Alice Paul and the Suffrage Movement.

Alice Paul was not a First Lady, but the authorizing law for the series of 99.99% fine First Spouse Gold Coins stipulated designs emblematic of her and the suffrage movement because President Chester Arthur’s wife died before he became President […]

Lucretia Garfield First Spouse First Spouse Gold Coin

In a one week-window this month, two First Spouse Gold Coins went off sale to leave only three available.

United States Mint production issues have delayed the launch of the eight 2012-dated coins, so the 2011’s are receiving extra attention. Their falling sales levels have significantly helped that as well. Collectors like scarcer coins, and the spousal series is one of the few from the U.S. Mint that are about guaranteeing scarcity […]

Eliza Johnson First Spouse Gold Coin

Eliza Johnson First Spouse Gold Coins are no longer sold by the United States Mint as the proof moved to the bureau’s "sold out/no longer available" category on June 20, 2012 and the uncirculated did so earlier on June 5, 2012.

Factors can change going forward, but currently Eliza Johnson gold coins boast the lowest total sales of any of the no longer available coins. Lower sales equal lower mintages and that can add to a coin’s value long term […]

2012 Proof American Gold Eagle

Today, April 19, 2012, the United States Mint began selling five products featuring the new 2012 Proof American Gold Eagle Coins.

Four of the products are simply single American Gold Eagle coins in varying sizes while the fifth is a set with all four coins. They may be purchased directly from the U.S. Mint website at

Prices obviously vary for each — just like their mintages, and those can change up to once a week depending on the gold market. In beginning prices, the individual one ounce is […]

2012 Proof American Gold Eagle

This week’s 2012-W Proof American Silver Eagle launch will be followed by next week’s April 19 scheduled product release of companion 2012-W Proof American Gold Eagle coins. These collector 2012 American Gold Eagles will be offered in four different weights or denominations and within a four-coin set.

While demand dictates mintages for the proof Silver Eagle, the United States Mint publishes mintage and product limits for each of its proof Gold Eagles. With the exception of the one-ounce size, stated maximum mintages for the 2011-dated coins were well over their realized sales […]

U.S. Mint image of the 2012 American Buffalo Gold Proof Coin and its case

Coin collectors can order the latest 2012-dated American Buffalo Gold Proof Coin from the United States Mint. The bureau placed the 24 karat gold proof coin on sale today, March 15, for $1,960.00 — a price that was determined one day before its release and can change up to once a week based upon the London Fix weekly average gold price.

The 2012 American Buffalo Gold Proof Coin, which has been issued annually since 2006, includes one ounce of 99.99 percent fine gold. It is the highest purity gold product produced by the U.S. Mint to one ounce, although one-half ounce First Spouse Gold Coins also boasts the same purity […]