2011 P&D Olympic Quarter Rolls and Bags – Ending Coin Sales

July 1, 2012

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2011 P&D Olympic Quarter Rolls and Bags

Ending coin sales are known for 2011 Olympic Quarter rolls and bags out of United States Mint facilities in Philadelphia (P) and Denver (D).

Rolls and bags of the quarter featuring Olympic National Park in Washington went on sale June 13, 2011. The United States Mint stopped selling them shortly after 2012 Acadia National Park quarters launched on June 11, 2012. However, weekly sales of the Olympic quarter rolls and bags moved around slightly until the latest release of the U.S. Mint sales report dated June 25.

The U.S. Mint is now simply stating in sales reports that rolls and bags of the Olympic quarter are “NLA,” for no longer available, which means future sales updates will not occur. The final reported sales totals are:

  • 100-Coin Bag (P) with ending coin sales of 3,542
  • 100-Coin Bag (D) with ending coin sales of 3,446
  • Two-Roll Set (P&D of 80 coins total) with ending coin sales of 26,531

Amounts sum to 1,415,440 (P) quarters and 1,405,840 (D) quarters for a combined total of 2,821,280. Each of these coins is in circulating quality, the same quality as the coins minted for daily commerce. Coin production figures published by the U.S. Mint indicated it has struck 30.4 million P’s and 30.6 million D’s for a total of 61 million. Many collectors like to purchase quarter rolls and bags directly from the Mint as a quick means to ensure they get both versions of the strikes, instead of waiting to find good examples in circulation.

The Olympic National Park quarter is the 8th issued in the America the Beautiful Quarters series and the third issued in 2011. Between 2010 and 2021, one national park or national site will be honored in each U.S. state, the District of Columbia and each U.S. territory. The rate of release is five quarters each year until the final one in 2021.

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