US Mint, BEP Offer New Products at Coin and Money Show

August 6, 2012

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World's Fair of Money Promo

New coin and currency products will be available at ANA’s 2012 World’s Fair of Money® in Philadelphia, the United States Mint and Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) have announced.

Collectors can check out the coin and money show at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. It will begin Tuesday, August 7, and last through Saturday, August 11. The BEP and U.S. Mint will share booth #104.

New product releases to occur during the coin and money show include:

  • 2012 Making American History Coin and Currency Set
  • "150th Anniversary" Intaglio Print
  • $10 Generations Currency Set

2012 Making American History Coin and Currency Sets is a joint U.S. Mint and BEP product as each contain a $5 bill and a 2012-S Proof Silver Eagle — the second set to have the Eagle. Offered for $72.95, Making American History Coin and Currency Sets commemorate the BEP’s 150th anniversary and the U.S. Mint’s 220 years of service. Each $5 bill has a serial number beginning with ‘150."

The "150th Anniversary" Intaglio Print features a compilation of engraved portraits and vignettes focusing on the age-old art of intaglio printing. It is the second of three offered in this series. It will be available for $20.

The $10 Generations Currency Set includes a Series 1995, 2001 and 2009 $10 notes, with matching low serial numbers. Complementing the three notes is a commemorative print of Independence Hall on the obverse and the Liberty Bell on the reverse. It will be available for $149.95.

Many other products released earlier this year will also be available at the coin and money show.

Collectors need not attend it to get the new products. They will be offered on the two bureau’s websites as well at and

Special events will also be hosted by the two agencies, including a coin forum by Deputy Director of the U.S. Mint Richard Peterson and currency signing by Treasurer of the United States Rosie Rios.

There are many exhibits, including the BEP’s Billion Dollar Exhibit and the U.S. Mint’s rarely seen and never used artists’ models showcasing Adolf Weinman’s 1916 Pattern Walking Liberty Half Dollar and Frank Gasparro’s 1979 Pattern Flowing Hair Liberty Dollar.  

Learn more about ANA’s 2012 World’s Fair of Money at

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