United States Mint Coin Production in February 2011

March 23, 2011

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Jefferson Nickel

United States Mint coin production tapered off 31.6% in February 2011 as compared to January 2011.

The Philadelphia and Denver Mint’s produced a total of 523.14 million coins for circulation in February 2011, the fifth slowest pace since February 2010 when a combined 194.40 million were produced. January 2011 figures came in at 764.73 million.

The Mint’s produced every type of coin during the month with the exception of the half dollar and Presidential $1 coins. It is somewhat common for United States Mint presses to go silent during several months of the year for Kennedy halves since these are no longer minted for transactional needs but instead struck in circulation qualities for coin collectors. Silent months for Presidential dollars are less frequent given the United States Mint produces four different Presidential coins each year.

Interestingly, the figures for February revealed mintages for Gettysburg National Military Park Quarters and Andrew Johnson Presidential $1 coins. The totals were the lowest for each respective coin since their series debuted — 2010 for the quarters and 2007 for the Presidential dollars.

Coin production totals and breakouts by coin type or available by reading any of the three articles linked below.

US Mint February 2011 Coin Production

Mike Unser | CoinNews.net

Coins that are minted for circulation are struck at the US Mint facilities in Denver and Philadelphia. As is nearly always the case, Lincoln cent production dominated both facilities. Philadelphia was far busier than Denver in combined output, swapping their positions from January when Denver had struck more than two coins for every one at Philadelphia …

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US Mint Coin Production Figures Fall in February 2011

Staff | CoinCollectingNews.org

Native American $1 coins were produced for a second straight month. Their monthly production is not guaranteed. The US Mint must strike enough that they account for 20% of all dollar coins minted in a year. As such, their levels are bound to how many Presidential $1 coins are produced …

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February production down

Staff | Numismatic News

Another major deceleration occurred with nickels. Production of this denomination dropped by two-thirds from 93.12 million coins to 32.16 million pieces. The February Denver nickel output was just 2.88 million coins, though its two-month total is 80.16 million …

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