US Mint Weekly Sales News Keys on Gold Coins

March 25, 2011

in US Mint Sales

Uncirculated Abigail Fillmore First Spouse Gold Coin

Weekly sales articles highlighted several US Mint products, but news headlines keyed on gold coins — collector First Spouse Gold Coins and the new bullion 2011 American Buffalo Gold Coins.

First Spouse Gold Coins were in focus because sales jumped nicely for the series and two of the 24-karat gold coins sold out, leaving only four remaining for buyers when there are usually eight. The two that sold out were the uncirculated versions honoring Jane Pierce and Abigail Fillmore.

In terms of weekly gains for all combined, 968 of the collector coins sold versus 336 during the prior week. The uncirculated Buchanan’s Liberty led all sales with more than half of the total at 493. The proof version sold out earlier this year, making the remaining uncirculated more attractive.

The 2011 Buffalo Gold Coin was released on March 14 and it has been in the news frequently since. Its freshness and sustained sales increases have helped. In the latest round of US Mint weekly sales, the gold coins had risen another 9,500 to bring their total to 31,500. They have since advanced another 4,000 for a 35,000 tally as of Friday.

On the silver product side of the equation in US Mint weekly sales, it was the 2011 Silver Proof Set that was brightest. It leaped up nearly 26,000 to register its best weekly numbers since the several days following its release on January 25. The set past 300K as well.

More detailed analysis of the latest US Mint weekly sales may be found by reading the various news articles below.

First Spouse Gold Coins Surge, Two Sell Out

Mike Unser |

The latest round of US Mint sales figures reveals some interesting weekly results. First Spouse Gold jumped, resulting in two new sell outs this week. 2011 America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Sets debuted, but at a slower pace. And in a milestone, the 2011 Silver Proof Sets rallied above 300,000 …

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2011 Silver Proof Set Surges

Staff |

Except for the 2011 Silver Proof Set, US Mint silver product demand waned for a second straight week. This year’s commemorative silver dollars and bullion American Silver Eagle sales could not outshine their prior week’s increase. US Army Commemorative Silver Dollars gained 2,727, down from 3,528. Broken out, the proofs added 2,069 and the uncirculated had 658 …

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Mint Stats: Buffalo Gold Pushes Eagles Aside

Dave Harper | Numismatic News via

If you ever have wondered if the order in which coins are put on the market has any impact on sales, you might watch this year’s two commemorative offerings. Both of them have military themes. The Army coins went on sale first and are maintaining a sales lead. Will that lead hold up all year? We’ll see. …

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Two First Spouse Gold Coins Sold Out

Staff |

Five out of six available First Spouse Gold Coins outperformed their prior week’s gains, resulting in 968 coins sold versus 336. Two other coins erupted in triple digit gains. They were the Jane Pierce uncirculated and the Abigail Fillmore uncirculated. They surged up by 186 and 117, respectively …

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