Slowing Coin Demand Focal Point for US Mint Weekly Sales News

March 17, 2011

in US Mint Sales

Mount Hood National Park Quarter

The latest round of US Mint weekly sales news articles concentrated around the reduced demand for collector products, trimmed totals and another achievement for bullion American Silver Eagles.

Demand was down almost across the board for numismatic coins and sets. 2011 commemorative coins stood out. Current to previous weekly gains retreated 66% for the 2011 US Army Commemorative Coins and 62% for the 2011 Medal of Honor Commemorative Coins.

In terms of trimmed totals, Mount Hood National Park Quarter bags and rolls claimed the top visible spot. The prior US Mint sales report had the 100-coin bags from Philadelphia and Denver rise by a combined total of 5,280. The rolls shot up 17,334. These were very unusual increases considering the quarters had been released back in November and weekly gains since have been much, much smaller. The US Mint in the latest sales report cut their totals back. The combined bag count was trimmed by 5,176 and the rolls by 17,074.

Weekly sales of bullion American Silver Eagles improved 748,000 versus 668,000. More importantly, the .999 fine silver coins topped the 11 million marker. That brought their 2011 sales level to fourth place as compared to the annual totals from other years dating back to their introduction in 1986. With more than nine months left to go this year, it stands to reason that 2011 has a chance to move much higher, perhaps even make the all-time annual sales record.

More detailed analysis of the latest US Mint weekly sales may be found by reading the various news articles below.

Collector Products Take Break, Investor Bullion Coins Improve

Mike Unser |

Coin collectors appear to have taken a spring break vacation as buying activity for American numismatic coins and sets retreated, according to the latest US Mint sales figures. Several US Mint products actually declined from their previous tallies, indicating a batch of customer returns, cancellations or accounting updates …

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2011 Commemorative Silver Dollars Weaken

Staff |

Collector demand abated for US Mint silver products, including the new 2011 commemorative silver dollars. Bullion American Silver Eagle coins, on the other hand, gained and have topped 11 million in annual sales. As for sets, it was the first time since the 2011 Silver Proof Set launched that the 2010 Silver Proof Set had the most sales …

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Mint Stats: Never Mind About Hood Quarters

Dave Harper | Numismatic News via

This week is also noteworthy for a number of items going off sale. The proof Jane Pierce First Spouse gold coin and the Buchanan proof are no longer available. The 2010 Kennedy half dollars also have come off the market …

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Demand Slows for First Spouse Gold Coins

Staff |

Most of the demand for First Spouse Gold Coins diminished during the latest round of the United States Mint sales figures. Six out of eight coins slowed, including the two sold out coins. Overall, 336 coins sold, compared to 368 previously. The two with sold out statuses, the James Buchanan’s Liberty Proof Coin and the Jane Pierce Proof Coin, both tumbled by -9 each …

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Silver Eagles New Record, Sets Weaken

Staff |

Bullion American Silver Eagles stood out as compared to slipping numismatic sales at the United States Mint. The Silver Eagles climbed higher toward another annual record while collector sets and coins weakened and slowed. Every US Mint collector set lost speed. The best seller was the 2011 Proof Set, which rose by 24,133. Its previous addition had …

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