Reverse Proof Gold Buffalo Release

June 30, 2013

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The United States Mint had pegged a release date for its special edition, anniversary-related 2013 American Buffalo One Ounce Gold Reverse Proof Coin.

Reverse Proof Gold Buffalo Coins at West Point Mint

Reverse Proof Gold Buffalo Coins at West Point Mint

Based on the U.S. Mint’s schedule of upcoming products, it will release the reverse proof Gold Buffalo on August 8, 2013. There is some chance the release date could change. If that should happen, this coin news extra article will get updated.

Because the United States Mint sets is numismatic gold coin prices based on a weekly average of London gold fixings, the price for the 24-karat gold coin will not be known until the Wednesday before its release, which is August 7, 2013. As a very loose reference point since it is so early, the regular proof version that launched on May 23, 2013 is currently available at for $1,640.00. (Its price just went down $100 this last Wednesday, June 26, in response to the recent dive in gold prices.)

As for the reverse proof itself, it is a first for the program of American Buffalo Gold coins, a series that debuted with regular proofs and bullion versions in 2006. Those two formats have been issued annually ever since. This special edition reverse proof Gold Buffalo commemorates the centennial anniversary of the designs featured on the coins. The obverse and reverse designs were created by James Earle Fraser and were first featured on the Type I Buffalo nickel or Indian Head nickel in 1913.

While the reverse proof Gold Buffalo will not go on sale until August 8, production at the West Point Mint began in June 4, 2013 in preparation for their launch. Thousands are expected to sell. The regular proof that debuted on May 23 already has sales of 10,872 as of June 23. The reverse proof is expected to have higher sales due to its uniqueness.

For a comparison between the regular proof coin that has appeared annually since 2006 and this new reverse proof, check this coin news article that shows images of both coins side-by-side.

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