2012-W $25 Proof Gold Eagle Coin Sells Out

November 24, 2012

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2012-W $25 Proof American Gold Eagle Coin

This week marks the first sell-out in the lineup of 2012-W Proof American Gold Eagles. The individual 2012-W $25 Proof Gold Eagle Coin is low listed by the U.S. Mint as sold out.

2012-dated proof Gold Eagles were released on April 19, 2012. They were made available in four individually sold coins of varying sizes, plus a four-coin set containing all of them. Each is a numismatic or collector coin that carries a proof finish and the "W" mint mark to denote production at the West Point Mint.

At one-half ounce, the sold out coin is the second-largest in the group. The biggest is the one-ounce coin denominated in $50, with the smaller one-quarter ounce and one-tenth ounce sizes following with respective denominations of $10 and $5.

The 2012-W $25 Proof Gold Eagle Coin had a sales total of 3,948 as of November 19, 2012. But remember, the $25 gold piece is also one of those offered within the four-coin set that remains available and has current sales of 4,275.

For reference, listed below are the limits, mintages and current sales for all of the U.S. Mint’s proof American Gold Eagle products.

2012-W $50 Proof Gold Eagle Coin 30,000 60,000 Available 9,520
2012-W $25 Proof Gold Eagle Coin 10,000 40,000 Sold Out 3,948
2012-W $10 Proof Gold Eagle Coin 12,000 42,000 Available 3,134
2012-W $5 Proof Gold Eagle Coin 25,000 55,000 Available 9,151
2012-W 4-Coin Set 30,000 N/A Available 4,275
2011-W 4-Coin Set 40,000 N/A Available 18,671


The above available Gold Eagles may be purchased through the U.S. Mint online store located at http://www.usmint.gov.

Prices of the coins may change weekly based on the latest market price for gold. The 2012-W $50 Eagle was listed for $1,006.00 at the time of its sell-out.

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