Final Sales of 2011-2012 Silver Proof Sets

January 18, 2013

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2011-2012 Silver Proof Sets

United States Mint sales updates have ended for the last two annually issued Silver Proof Sets. The 2012-dated set ended with sales that are the lowest going back to the first annual one issued in 1992.

The 2011 Silver Proof Set went on sale January 25, 2011 and went off sale on December 31, 2012 — just like the U.S. Mint said it would in a message on its website several weeks earlier. The 2012 Silver Proof Set launched on June 4, 2012 and surprisingly sold out on January 2, 2013.

Final sales are listed below for silver proof sets issued by the United States Mint since 2008. As mentioned, the 2012 set notched the lowest sales in the product line. The previous low occurred with 1995 Silver Proof Set that had a mintage of 549,878.

Final Sales of 2008 – 2012 Silver Proof Sets

Year Issue Price Coins Issue Date Debut Sales Date Debut Sales Final Sales*
2012 Set $67.95 14 June 4, 2012 June 11, 2012 189,628 395,443
2011 Set $67.95 14 Jan. 25, 2011 Jan. 30, 2011 209,367 574,175
2010 Set $56.95 14 Aug. 26, 2010 Aug. 29, 2010 241,656 585,414
2009 Set $52.95 18 July 17, 2009 July 19, 2010 271,372 694,406
2008 Set $44.95 14 Aug. 26, 2008 Aug. 31, 2010 292,004 774,874

*United States Mint sales are unaudited.

Since 2010, half (7) of the coins in each silver proof set are composed of 90% silver — the five quarters, half-dollar and dime. In total, every set includes 1.34 troy ounces for a silver set melt value of $42.82 when the precious metal is at $32.00 an ounce.

A listing of all 14 coins in each of the last two annual silver proof sets is listed below. These coins are produced at the United States Mint facility in San Francisco and bear the "S" mint mark.

2011 Silver Proof Set 2012 Silver Proof Set
2011-S Andrew Johnson Presidential $1 coin 2012-S Chester Arthur Presidential $1 coin
2011-S Ulysses S. Grant Presidential $1 coin 2012-S Grover Cleveland Presidential $1 coin (first term)
2011-S Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential $1 coin 2012-S Benjamin Harrison Presidential $1 coin
2011-S James Garfield Presidential $1 coin 2012-S Grover Cleveland Presidential $1 coin (second term)
2011-S Native American $1 coin 2012-S Native American $1 coin
2011-S Kennedy half-dollar 2012-S Kennedy half-dollar
2011-S Gettysburg National Military Park quarter 2012-S El Yunque National Forest quarter
2011-S Glacier National Park quarter 2012-S Chaco Culture National Historical Park quarter
2011-S Olympic National Park quarter 2012-S Acadia National Park quarter
2011-S Vicksburg National Military Park quarter 2012-S Hawaii Volcanoes National Park quarter
2011-S Chickasaw National Recreation Area quarter 2012-S Denali National Park quarter
2011-S Roosevelt dime 2012-S Roosevelt dime
2011-S Jefferson nickel 2012-S Jefferson nickel
2011-S Lincoln cent 2012-S Lincoln cent


This year’s 2013 Silver Proof Set launches in May 2013. Its preliminary price is $67.95.

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