Mintages for Great Smoky Mountains Quarter

March 9, 2014

in ATB Quarters

The first batch of mintages for 2014 America the Beautiful Quarters became available from the United States Mint late last week. The bureau has indicated that it produced Great Smoky Mountains Quarters to a total of 172,600,000.

Great Smoky Mountains Quarter

Great Smoky Mountains Quarter

These are how many it made in circulating-quality at the two production plants responsible for striking U.S. coins for trade and commerce, which are the Denver Mint and Philadelphia Mint. Broken out by production plant, the Denver Mint made 99,400,000 and the Philadelphia Mint made 73,200,000.

Great Smoky Mountains Quarters started circulating on Jan. 27, 2014 as the first of the five 2014 America the Beautiful Quarters. Later this month, on March 31, the second quarter of the year honoring Shenandoah National Park gets introduced. Data shows that the Mint is already striking them with 184,000,000 in the quarter production pool. This total has not officially been assigned to a specific design. That is typical because the U.S. Mint tends not to publish mintages for quarters until they are done with one design and they have moved onto to striking the next quarter design.

The U.S. Mint sells numismatic rolls and bags of circulating-quality quarters directly to the public but these are not driving factors in determining how many quarters are made. Numismatic sales of quarters are trivial compared to the needs of the coins for commerce. What governs how many quarters of a certain design are made is the amount of orders the U.S. Mint receives from the Federal Reserve for the denomination and when they receive them. As such, there can be a wide swing in totals by quarter design. Since 2011, the last quarter design for a year has had the highest mintages for that year.

In rare cases, the U.S. Mint has gone back to produce more of a certain coin design. That is not expected for the Great Smoky Mountains Quarter, but to keep current and find the mintages of other designs, visit our sister site’s page that offers always updated mintages for America the Beautiful Quarters.

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