2013 America the Beautiful Coin Release Dates

May 29, 2013

in ATB Quarters, Silver Coins

Earlier today the United States Mint announced release dates for its remaining four bullion America the Beautiful 5 Ounce Silver Coins.

First 2013 America the Beautiful 5 Ounce Silver Coin

The first of five 2013 America the Beautiful 5 Ounce Silver Coins (the collectible White Mountain coin)

With these dates, exact or at least monthly release times are now known for all three series of this year’s America the Beautiful Coins. This includes release dates for the 2013 America the Beautiful Quarters, 2013 ATB Five Ounce Silver Bullion Coins for investors and 2013 ATB Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins for collectors.

This year’s America the Beautiful coins depict designs celebrating White Mountain National Forest of New Hampshire, Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial of Ohio, Great Basin National Park of Nevada, Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine of Maryland and Mount Rushmore National Memorial of South Dakota. Release dates for the respective honoring coins are:

Release Dates for 2013 America the Beautiful Coins
  America the Beautiful Quarters America the Beautiful 5 Oz Silver Bullion Coins for Investors America the Beautiful 5 Oz Silver Uncirculated Coins for Collectors
White Mountain January 28, 2013 May 13, 2013 May 16, 2013
Perry’s Victory April 1, 2013 June 3, 2013 June 6, 2013
Great Basin June 10, 2013 June 24, 2013 June 27, 2013
Fort McHenry August 2013 August 26, 2013 August 2013
Mount Rushmore November 2013 November 4, 2013 November 2013


These release dates are not necessarily set in stone, as the U.S. Mint reserves the right to change them "without prior notice."

The America the Beautiful series of coins honors national parks and national sites throughout the United States and its territories. The series began in 2010 and is scheduled to run until at least 2021. During that time, a total of 56 unique designs will be featured on the reverses of the quarters and five ounce silver coins.

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