Coin Production

America the Beautiful Quarters Mintages from 2010 to 2013

Before getting too far into 2014, this Coin News Extra article takes a quick look into final mintages of America the Beautiful Quarters dated 2010 to 2013.

Production figures for the 2013 coins soared. More 2013 quarters were struck than the combined annual mintages from […]

Four 2012 Presidential $1 Coins

Ending mintages for 2012 are available with the United States Mint already striking coins for 2013. The bureau has officially closed out production figures by design for each of the four 2012 Presidential $1 Coins.

2012 Presidential $1 Coin mintages are sharply lower from past years since the U.S. Treasury Secretary stopped dollar production for circulation and […]

Benjamin Harrison Presidential $1 coin

The third of four 2012-dated $1 coins was released today, August 16, 2012. The new Presidential $1 coin honors Benjamin Harrison, the 23rd President of the United States.

Published a few days earlier by the United States Mint were coin production figures through to the end of July 2012. Among those figures were updated mintages for […]

2012 America the Beautiful Quarters in rolls

New circulating coin production figures through July 2012 were recently published by the United States Mint. Among the numbers were updated totals for America the Beautiful Quarters.

While new mintages by specific quarter design were not revealed, it did show increases in July with the minting of 83,000 quarters. That is the highest production figure for quarters of any month in 2012 […]

Kennedy Half-Dollar

United States Mint coin production fell back for a second straight month in March 2011.

The United States Mint facilities in Philadelphia and Denver produced a combined 485.5 million coins for circulation in March 2011. Philadelphia’s share of the total was 289.6 million. Denver’s split was 195.9 million.

That registered as the lowest level this year, behind the 523.14 million in February 2011 and the 764.73 million in January 2011. In fact, it was the least amount of coins the United States Mint production for circulation since the 451.96 million in April 2010 […]

Jefferson Nickel

United States Mint coin production tapered off 31.6% in February 2011 as compared to January 2011.

The Philadelphia and Denver Mint’s produced a total of 523.14 million coins for circulation in February 2011, the fifth slowest pace since February 2010 when a combined 194.40 million were produced. January 2011 production came in at 764.73 million.

The Mint’s produced every type of coin during the month with the exception of the half dollar and Presidential $1 coins. It is somewhat common for the presses to go silent during several months of the year for […]

Lincoln Cent

The United States Mint on Monday, March 7, 2011, requested help from any interested parties or persons on factors to consider in the research of using different metallic materials to produce circulating coins.

The US Mint was given the authority to research alternative coin compositions with the passage of the Coin Modernization, Oversight, and Continuity Act of 2010, which became Public Law 111-302 when President Obama penned his signature to the legislation in December 2010 […]